I Thiago Silva (@umtiago in Instagram), and I see the world differently, playing with optical illusions, shadows, colors, using a lot of creativity. None of the photos not used for the installation or modification of software. I always thought that photographing sunsets and food too boring, so started to create something new. Each photograph is a challenge, where I always try to see something unusual. The fact that no one has ever seen before. And it can happen anywhere. In most cases, it’s very spontaneous, when I walk around town, traveling, or on the beach. During filming, people always look at me, probably thinking, «thisRead More →

Sometimes walk down the street, minding my own business, and then BAM, and you realize that something’s not right here. The shadows don’t match the items, if the twins go in the same car. In General, as they say, the system failed. 1. «Logically, on the other side of the house should be a window in the spring and summer!» «Yes, the climate is undoubtedly something strange is happening…» | Photo: Reddit. 2. The shadow is, and the tree is not, as piece of the trunk… A very strange case. | Photo: DlyaKota.Ru. 3. Story teleportation one cat According to Novate.ru these cats and nameRead More →

✔ Mini robot with a manipulator, collecting socks. ✔ The liner in the belly button for opening beer. ✔ Eternal socks (applied in the form of a tattoo in all tattoo parlors). ✔ Boxing gloves that can operate touch screen of iPhone. ✔ Collection of obscene sonnets. ✔ A wad of money from the joke shop (although, in principle, now come the usual pack of rubles). ✔ Flamethrower «Imp» with a built-in secret cavity for brandy. ✔ The anvil with a picture of his sign of the zodiac. ✔ Linked cufflinks that fasten the handcuffs to the arm. ✔ Shurupovert. ✔ Men’s nail Polish. New!Read More →

Not the friend zone, and the concentration camp «Friendship» Infinite Ptah (@Brodie_Bruce) February 21, 2020 In that year, the boys gave to colleagues on February 23 soap in the shape of a grenade, and some people thought it was chocolate and bit it. This year all gave chocolates in the shape of the tank. See the stories about how someone had washed the chocolate. — OYA (@Ooolya_96) February 21, 2020 Wait a minuteThat is, if FOX released the Rabbit JojoAnd Disney bought FOХHitler now officially a disney Princess? eschatological (@doomaid) February 20, 2020 See, every year on December 31 we with Drevlyane go to theRead More →

Winding the heating pipe, to attach to the ears on the anvil, izvalyalsya in hedgehogs and sprinkle with the Cayenne pepper itself everyone can. But not all will look, first, funny second, similar to funny photo of a celebrity. And the Russian Tsar cosplay Yuri Kvashonkin, known under the name Yuri and Hysterical account @mataharikcan! Since then, as we are in the last (also first) time I acquainted you with the Maestro’s work, he shes honed burlesque feather of his talent. Rejoice! Laughing! Smassa! (Not necessarily in that order.) 11 fresh parodies of world stars of it’s Instagram!Read More →

In October, 2019 in Instagram appeared an account @dudewithsign, the author of which posted their photos with home-made posters on the streets of new York. The inscriptions on the posters urged the people to other things — for example, do not put group photos on profile on Tinder, not to get up from their seats on the plane during his landing, not to open accounts in social networks, their dogs, etc. Sometimes his calls were addressed to specific people. For example, he asked Kanye West to quickly upload a new album or have reported to my grandmother that still alone. Four months on account ofRead More →

Welcome to the opening of a renovated exhibit in our gallery lol art! Every Thursday! And sometimes, like today, Friday. That, however, does not change. The latest pictures, dilute tramp Bayan! Oh, by the way. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram-channel MAXIM-Humor: there’s our humor and not our humor, is not even humor. In General, there is everything, that seems ridiculous.Read More →

The horror movie «the ring»:The journalist finds an evil videotape, after watching which she calls an unknown person and offers credit cards at competitive rates. — Ichor Yosha (@d_ichor) 20 Feb 2020 meeting of Russian and Belarusian on the Internet: — Ahaha, go dig taters, zmagar. Fuck you, not oil. — Lol. Go get some vodka, Imperial. We Are Europe. meeting in real life: — Ivan, there’s a Yam on Zakus? I’ve got vodka.Is, Ivan. Went for a drink.— Norms.— All rules. and here is my account (@thelastoppo) 19 Feb 2020 – And you have spontaneously appeared a cat?– No. We plan. — call meRead More →