News of the week Than the locust can help the sapper? Of course, to sniff out explosives! She does it better than the dog, and to let them know about the discovery she can use implanted in the nervous system sensors. The Americans turned the locust into cyborg-sapper Articles of the week Why would the CIA Soviet canned mushrooms? Is it worth to watch the movie «midway»? Now know — and will tell you. Mystery squash caviar: how the CIA studied the Kherson plantSince the early 1950s the CIA launched a massive exploration against the Soviet Union. The Americans were trying to learn everything. EvenRead More →

Twenty-fifth day of February, 2020, the Agency «RIA Novosti» reported with reference to the press service of the Ministry of defense that the us military officially adopted ethical principles for the use of artificial intelligence for military purposes. Recommendations on this topic were developed by a group of scientists and experts for fifteen months, and was transferred to the Minister of defense Mark Esper in the fall of 2019. A few months on these recommendations savvy military — and now finally gave birth to these same principles. All five principles: responsibility, proportionality, clarity, reliability and manageability. Responsibility implies that the developers of battlefield AI needsRead More →

The first and only On the fronts of the First world Newfoundland is the smallest of the dominions of the British Empire — has put only one, but very front-line combat infantry battalion. The islanders began their combat service on the Gallipoli Peninsula , then was transferred to France. On the first day of the battle of the Somme Newfoundland has established a dismal record, having lost 90 percent of the personnel in just one unsuccessful attack. The battalion was rebuilt and continued to fight with the Germans. In April 1917 the 29th division, 88th brigade, which was part of the battalion was on theRead More →

And here we are still a cucumber plant… Or not? Island with an area of 1.3 square kilometers is as large garden. Well, very large. A decent vegetable garden, potatoes can be planted, cucumbers — on the farm enough. However, on the island of Hans no potatoes or cucumbers do not germinate. First, not the climate. Second, the rocky soil is not conducive to the prosperity of separately taken of the potential of the North farm. So why does he need two countries? Yes, out of principle. It is located exactly halfway between Greenland, belonging to Denmark, and Canada. On the one hand, the DanishRead More →

Eighteenth Feb 2020 Agency «bi-Bi-si» has told about an unprecedented case in the history of the British armed forces — for the first time in the history of the maroon beret parachutist was able to get a woman. British paratroopers has always been famous for very stringent selection. Concessions they don’t do this to anyone, so, despite the fact that women were allowed to apply for membership in 1990-e years, over the past quarter century, no one to pass the exam failed. No one, except Rosie Wilde. Captain Rosie Wilde gets a purple beret. In the illustration on the title — it is a premiumRead More →

Tenth Feb 2020 Agency FOX News reportedthat the Institute for the study of artificial intelligence at the University of new York at Buffalo has received a grant of 316 thousand dollars on highly original research. The Institute’s specialists are going to examine brain activity and eye movement gamers to on the basis of this information to develop a behavior program for combat robots. Company of Heroes Guinea pigs are the 25 video game lovers, who are forced to undergo a variety of products igroproma — the list contains StarCraft, Company of Heroes and Stellaris. Apply the findings the researchers hope to develop algorithms behavior ofRead More →

Tenth Feb 2020 Washington University in St. Louis published an articledevoted to investigating opportunities for using insects to search for explosives. The work was commissioned by the U.S. Navy and was a success. Are briefly as follows — attaches to develop a functioning «electronic nose», scientists have decided that let well alone, and decided to borrow the olfactory organs of the wildlife. For example, the locust has an incredible sensitivity to smells and at the same time relatively simple (compared to a dog or perhaps a pig) nervous system. Planted insects the electrodes and allowing them to smell different substances, scientists have figured out exactlyRead More →

Sixteenth Feb 2020 newspaper Irish Examiner reportedthat the Irish coast of County cork West of the city Ballycotton wind and current took the ship «Viola.» The crew on Board discovered the ship completely abandoned and looks like a long time. While it was succeeded to establish that there is a freighter under the flag of Tanzania, launched in 1976, and I saw it last time already in September 2018. When the British patrol ship «Protector» met him in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, 1,300 miles Southeast of Bermuda. At that moment on Board were ten crew members. The coast guard of Ireland suggested thatRead More →

Industrial mess After the first disastrous years when the Central intelligence Directorate of intelligence, as such, almost no — since the early 1950s, the American spy network began to study the Soviet Union really carefully. Now the CIA was not limited to the reports about the terrible aggressive Communists, and was interested in absolutely everything that can be useful in the cold war. Summary report commissioned by the who came to power in early 1953, President Eisenhower showed great progress in the study of the USSR, and recognized the extensive white spots in the understanding of life and the structure of country Councils. One ofRead More →

The Golden age of Russian duel began when Emperor Alexander I and lasted about fifty years. Nobles, brought up on the ideals of chivalry were ready to defend their honor at the slightest provocation, and sometimes completely without it. Just to show his own bravery. In those years the best gift a young man, entering adulthood, there was a box with a pair of dueling pistols — because to be in the match could even the most peace-loving people. Entering the world of duels, the Russians with the passion of converts began to demand a much greater severity of the rules than were adopted inRead More →