Tenth Feb 2020 Washington University in St. Louis published an articledevoted to investigating opportunities for using insects to search for explosives. The work was commissioned by the U.S. Navy and was a success. Are briefly as follows — attaches to develop a functioning «electronic nose», scientists have decided that let well alone, and decided to borrow the olfactory organs of the wildlife. For example, the locust has an incredible sensitivity to smells and at the same time relatively simple (compared to a dog or perhaps a pig) nervous system. Planted insects the electrodes and allowing them to smell different substances, scientists have figured out exactlyRead More →

I aimed it through the eyes of a hawk, the arrow will fly like a bird, the hoopoe From the point of view of the citizen of Russia of the Belgian and Luxembourg Ardennes may seem slightly hilly area, full of roads, however, the generals of the third Reich on this account there was a dissenting opinion. No, the intention is to hit through considered cancanerotica the area, it certainly sounded bold, and the Anglo-French that for sure was not expecting. But the area was really that… not really part of the communications. And if some of the Belgians there would be heroism more thanRead More →

Tenth Feb 2020 Agency «bi-Bi-si» reported that 28-year-old Mohannad Coduri was convicted of planning terrorist acts. In 2017, he tried to attack police officers near the Buckingham Palace in London. Then he managed to avoid a jail term, telling the court that he is not a terrorist, and suicide and just wanted the police shot him. Police believe Coduri and sent him three employees under the guise that enjoyed credibility and was able to learn that the former accused continues to plot evil. Coduri considered three possible targets — the wax Museum Madame Tussauds, one of the tour buses, guide for London tourists, or aRead More →

Thirteenth Feb 2020 TV channel «Zvezda» told about what is perhaps a large offer of marriage in the history of Russian armed forces. Lieutenant of the Taman division with the support of the crews of two tank companies (and, obviously, command of the division) was built on landfill Alabino giant heart out of sixteen tanks T-72B3. In the center of this romantic roaring engines figure offer was made. Girl, if anyone is interested, agreed. In General, in love with a military — terrible force. The engagement ring in a balloon almost be sent into space, a half dozen military vehicles on the ground thrown outRead More →

News from Japanese newspaper Sankei neillyuzorno stirred our commentators. Driven by the desire to understand the issue more densely, we pricked up their knowledge nenashensky characters and skills of Google-fu and plunged into the dark jungle of the Asian Internet. That will learn the Japanese system? The Japanese boast that their new system will be to detect the telemetry transmitted from the rocket to the control center, and use this data to track each start-up and to determine its exact parameters. Generally, such information is usually transmitted in encrypted form, but what or Kim ciphers are weak, or the mighty samurai cryptography, and information isRead More →

The twelfth of February, the website Military.com told about one of the most unusual proposals hands and hearts in history. Captain Stuart Shippy, the pilot of the stealth bomber B-2 393-th bomb squadron from Whiteman air force base, he made his girlfriend Marie Lisman offer by sending ring in the stratosphere using a weather balloon. Captain Shippy so fond of the sky that connected with him not only his job but also a hobby in his spare time he is engaged in launching balloons. This allowed him to accurately calculate the flight and landing valuable cargo. [embedded content]Chronicle of the flight recorded by the cameraRead More →

The twelfth of February 2020 the Guardian newspaper saidthat in 2019 the British armed forces for the first time in the last six years has fully implemented a plan to recruit new volunteers into their ranks. Things started to go downhill, in 2012, when the military decided to partially pay a recruitment campaign in private hands and entered into a partnership with the firm Capita. Market poreshali so powerful that that year was the last when the number of recruits even came close to the planned (and 99% of them signed up to the partnership of the army with private traders), and since then, poorRead More →

Eleventh Feb the year 2020, the Sankei newspaper reported , citing the Ministry of defense of Japan, that this year will begin to develop a special system jamming, which should prevent North Korea to launch ballistic and cruise missiles. According to the press service of the Ministry, the system will interrupt the communications between the missile and the control center immediately after launch, leading to self-destruction of the rocket. If the treacherous Koreans will disable the possibility of self-destruction in advance «blind» the missile simply can not adjust your flight, and fall somewhere in the sea or on the territory of China. This scenario theRead More →

Seventh Feb 2020 website Military.com announcedthat the F-22 «Raptor» from the 3rd wing Pacific air forces of the United States worked the gas station on the reserve airfield in the far North. This is the first experience for machines of the fifth generation. «Raptors» flew to the air base joint base Elmendorf-Richardson in anchorage, Alaska, where they were created the conditions of field airfields for servicing and refuelling was used, the minimum required equipment. In a press release issued by the United States air force, States that the cold during the exercise reached -8 degrees Fahrenheit (-22 degrees Celsius) — a record low temperature onRead More →

Snot pereshibit The cruiser «Emden», which was based in the German colony of Qingdao, was difficult to classified as heavyweights. Weak armor, a dozen chetyrehluchevoy and two torpedo tubes — sink this «storm of the seas» was not particularly difficult. A serious threat to the raider even represented destroyers and gunboats. It was enough to damage German — for example, reduce the stroke or wedge rudders — and give the opportunity to pull him reinforcements. A dashing voyage immediately would come to an end. From the cruiser before the March, ruthlessly polyspherical almost all wood and fabric, to prevent the spread of fire, but theRead More →