Знакомьтесь- эту женщину зовут Шери Псайла. Родители девочки заметили, что их ребенок «особенный» еще при рождении. Дело в том, что мышцы и суставы новорожденной Шери были недоразвиты, а конечности- деформированы. Врачи сразу же предупредили родителей, что девочка не будет ходить и вряд ли доживет до года. Однако, Шери доказала всем, что чудеса случаются. Девочка сделала первые шаги в 5 лет и перенесла множество хирургических вмешательств. Повзрослевшая Шери мечтала о любви и детях.   В университете она познакомилась с парнем по имени Крис и между молодыми людьми вспыхнули чувства. В 2015 году пара поженилась. Вскоре Шери узнала, что ждет ребенка, несмотря на отрицательные прогнозы врачей. УRead More →

Recently Sergey Glushko posted on his Instagram a very provocative photo. The picture shows the famous Tarzan standing in front of an open window… without clothes. I must say, this is not the first photo of Sergei in the style of «Nude». However, whenever subscribers artist react to such antics very ambiguous. This time, under the post there was a lot of conflicting reviews. Some users have called Sergey to stop to do such. After all they rap is already an adult son, and Sergey as little as 50. The other half of the subscribers, on the contrary supported the artist, admiring his magnificent physicalRead More →

Son Thiago was born in the family of Anna Netrebko in 2008. Then she lived with the boy’s father, with some Erwin Schrott. However, the pair was in no hurry to legalize their relationship. When Opera diva found out about the new addition to the family, was extremely delighted. The boy was born healthy and did not differ from the others. However, when Thiago was 3 years, Netrebko has realized that with the son something not so. Began a series of trips to the doctor and different surveys. As a result, the child was diagnosed with autism. Parents found it difficult to accept this fact,Read More →

Lena from Kiev Lena came to conquer Moscow, like many ambitious and young girls. While studying, she met a musician by Igor Saruhanov. He was much older than her, dreaming about strong family and children. However, included in the position of wife and not hurried, allowing Lena to build a career. However, after 6 years of marriage, the girl fell in love with another and left her husband. Saruhanov was able to let her go without quarrels and resentment. They are still good friends.   A new love Lena became a famous singer, a former son-in-law of the Diva — Vladimir Presnyakov. The romance betweenRead More →

Natalia Kuznetsova, the world champion in bodybuilding and known throughout the country bright. She was born in Chita, and from 14 years started bodybuilding. According to most girls in childhood, she was a gray mouse and weighed only 40 kg. Now Natalia, 28 years old, she’s a world champion and weighs 90 kg. My husband, the athlete met 10 years ago. And despite the fact that his biceps are much smaller than her — among them most importantly love and care. Instagram on Kuznetsov signed more than half a million subscribers who follow her life. Natalia often shares her photos with fans. Like it? TellRead More →

Appearances are deceiving, seeing this woman at first, many thought she was not indifferent to alcohol. However, 62-year-old Natalia was a teacher, however, remained unemployed. After cancer, she has almost lost his eyesight, besides my son has epilepsy. And she has to help her son. Daughter took out a loan, where she was a Trustee. However, the daughter took his own life, and credit had to pay a woman with disability. Her pension is only 12 000 — 8 000 she pays the Bank, and the remaining 4 000 she needed to live for a month. It is therefore not surprising that in order toRead More →

The parents of the actress moved to Moscow from Moldova immediately after the wedding and wanted to find happiness in a new city. But after a couple of years, the girl’s father left the family, returned home and became a famous actor. A single mother Stella Ilnitskaya was working round the clock to support themselves and a child. In a short time in her life appeared a man who began to help them. Since childhood Lanka distinguished artistry and so for 3 years it was noticed by Directors and was invited to the shooting. Also Lanka led child transmission, and at a young age wasRead More →

American Ruth Brin could not believe my eyes when I saw on TV that won 1000000 pounds thanks to a lottery ticket that I bought standing in line at the store. Woman all his life worked as a nurse on a modest salary, raising a daughter. Her happiness knew no bounds when she saw that he smegal to a fabulous sum. Passed since 5 years, how there was her life now? It turned out that Ruth had not gone with his work, which has devoted 20 years of his life. Also lives in a small house that I bought in their difficult times. However, notRead More →

In connection with the pandemic COVID-19 medical masks today are valued almost like gold. To get a scarce commodity in pharmacies almost not possible. Sometimes people will try to make a mask of gauze and other scrap materials. And fashion designers vying offer «exclusive» versions of popular accessory at exorbitant prices. But are these masks can protect against the virus? Actually – no. Designer masks – nothing more than a simple accessory. Sometimes they can even hurt. The fact is that when you are wearing a mask because breathing on it creates a moist environment, which is a real hotbed for the breeding of variousRead More →

We loved the whole family to sit in the evening watching your favorite movies to enjoy their time from the heart to laugh at the stupidity and misfortune of the main characters. Now there are few such paintings, which will be equally interesting to parents and children. And because more and more often in the evenings, members of the family sit behind their gadgets and see what you like each of them. The editors are Interested to know invites you to see how much has changed the most adorable «mommy» from the Comedy series. Catherine O’hara Jennifer Coolidge Jane Kaczmarek Bonnie Hunt Sigourney Weaver SallyRead More →