Young, bright, brave, the girl rapidly changed her life, devoting himself to music, and yet won the love of thousands of fans. Popularity came to Zivert after the release of their debut mini-album that had a concise and uplifting the name «Shine». The album is full of simple sense the eternal combined with the juicy bits of the modern atmosphere of the late 80s and early 90s years. Fresh single Life irrevocably strengthened the position of the singer in the lead of the charts. The song instantly resonated in the hearts of the people, has received rotation on leading radio stations of the country, tookRead More →

Piet Sielck, the man who stood at the origins of the genre, responsible for recording major albums by such bands as BLIND GUARDIAN, GAMMA RAY, GRAVE DIGGER returned to Russia with his main band! It has been almost twenty five years this German Quartet provides listeners all over the planet strong riffs and songs about space and the love to heavy music, always gathering full halls and occupying the highest positions in the charts with every new album. A time-tested recipe, really cool heavy metal performed by IRON SAVIOR is revealed with a completely new parties, forcing to believe in the genre, and concert performancesRead More →

«Union» for Schweppes Bar was not chosen by chance. Platform, combining 22 bar, located in the former building of the publishing house «Young guard» on Novoslobodskaya. The basis of «trade Union» was based on the concept of «ruin bars quarter» in Budapest — where dilapidated old buildings were opened space that pomogranite their historical charm and to convey the flavor of the city. «Previous experience of Bar Schweppes in the format pop-up showed that people are close to the values and philosophy Schweppes. We want to inspire our adult target audience to communicate with friends and family in a cosy atmosphere for a cocktail basedRead More →

Dasha Klyukina, Instagram star and member of two seasons of the show «the Bachelor», and now sings. With a good idea! To make sure this could all audience platform Rutube LiST, where on 14 February, with the support of the label TNT MUSIC premiered the clip newly minted singer for the song «Not like everyone else.» However, this is not the first musical work Dasha, and even the second. Last year, when Dasha decided to develop a musical career, she made her debut with dance track «Equilibrium». In the movie «Not like everyone» Dasha Klyukina went through a few vivid images, investing in this philosophicalRead More →

Everyone knows on clothes, and escorted to the mind. If we translate it into the language of online spaces that meet the profile. Gleb enjoys not only flying, but also psychology, so understand what the General message is important. And here’s what he wrote: «I am Gleb, the Russian champion and Vice world champion in paragliding, and traveled to 30 countries. Businessman and just a good guy. Dancing tango, I like to ride it to Argentina. Here looking for my better half! Having children is not a problem. I want to take you out under the clouds! Me not scared, I’m the best.» In theRead More →

Both artists have already earned recognition. Stairs has released 2 Studio albums, 2 EPS, 1 mixtape and numerous singles. In the fall of 2017 made a single, Oxxxymiron, and later were published as a joint release with Obladaet. On account Jeembo 4 mini-albums and several singles. In 2019 at Jeembo came the final part of the trilogy Painkiller — joint Tveth mini-album Painkiller III, and the world saw a great clip for the track M. O. D. with the participation of Boulevard Depo and laud. These guys gathered together on the stage of ARENA, you can safely wait for cool performance. Two leading hip-hop artistRead More →

Juan Amador and Rene Soffner The brand offers its adult users to start a journey into the world of new tastes. Already in this opening area can be infinite, so to participate in the project, the brand invited the world famous experts of taste: chef Juan Amador and mixologist Rene Soffner. And Juan and Renee in your approach to work share the philosophy IQOS: they use the latest scientific achievements and innovative methods for best results. «I use many techniques, which are very important to control temperature, so I am very close to the philosophy of IQOS,» emphasizes Renee. Premiere of the collaboration was heldRead More →

And you can justify her expectations, but at the same time and look at this holiday as an excuse to have a good time. Here’s 5 simple but effective ideas to date. Trust traditions: going to the movies Evening, twilight, loveseats and a bucket of popcorn — going to the movies here is not the first decade is not just considered a classic of the Dating world. Marathon you can arrange at home. Lie on the sofa, order a huge set of sushi and rolls and see what you both like. In the case of «Tanuki» that can be arranged spontaneously: orders are brought withinRead More →

Sergey Sintsov Beautiful view of night Moscow from the panoramic Windows, candles in elegant interior and delicious food — all composing the perfect evening on February 14 in the restaurant «Who lives WELL». This evening all lovers are waiting for eternal hits about love from the show «the Voice», the best cover band in the capital — groups «MAGIC PEOPLE», a romantic gastronomic delight and great raffle prizes from partners of the restaurant «Who lives WELL». The chef of the restaurant Nikita Katyshev has prepared a feast refined, a romantic set, which includes 6 meals and special compliments for lovers — a glass of wineRead More →

The combination of new wave and incendiary rhythms of Bossa Nova 50-ies and 60-ies, framed by arrangements and mesmerizing vocals, the specialization of the Nouvelle Vague. By the way, in 2019 the world famous cover band turned 15 years old. Round date and, of course, Valentine’s Day, were significant reasons to arrange a concert in Gipsy. Members of the group — two French multi-instrumentalist Marc Collin and Olivier Either. Fifteen years ago they decided to realize his dream and created not unlike any other team under the telling title Nouvelle Vague (French new wave). Their first album is a revival of the forgotten hits ofRead More →