As reported by the website the Ministry of defence of the USA finances the program with a pretentious name Bio 4D3 (4-Dimensional Bioprinting, Biofabrication and Biomanufacturing, that is, «four-dimensional the same results for bioprinting, biofabrication and bio»). The essence of the program in developing technology that will allow blood for medical purposes, almost out of thin air. Instead of using pre-stored blood, doctors will be able to get blood fresh, «grow» it from a small supply of cells. 3D printer Sciperio USU For the production of blood used the technology of 3D printing, only instead of spraying hardening plastic, nozzles are used for high-precisionRead More →

The journal Catholic Herald reportedthat hospice Sovereign military order of the knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, better known simply as «the order of Malta», joined the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. Looking at the variegated robes and archaic armor of the hospital with photographs of the annual parade, you might think that this is some kind of joke. Not a drop. The order of Malta is not just a funny «toy» state with knights, ladies, and Grand master. It is also more than a hundred hospitals across the planet, twenty thousand health workers is not to the medievalRead More →

Drama around commander Brett crozier continues to flare up, creating new plot twists. As reports the New York Times, the former commander of the nuclear aircraft carrier «Theodore Roosevelt» was after the removal from positions ashore and properly quarantined. There he found a sharp dry cough — one of the first typical symptoms COVID-19 — and then the tests confirmed the suspicion. Captain crozier really sick with the same infection, from which so desperately wanted to save his crew. According to the journalists, the information is not confirmed officially — Navy representatives declined to comment on the state of the crozier. On the positive diagnosis,Read More →

Commander Brett crozier, commander of the «plague carrier» «Theodore Roosevelt», was removed from command. During the escalating panic, the exaggeration of threats and the inadequate reflection of the situation on Board. Pay attention — the crew on Board the aircraft carrier has evacuated, as requested crozier, but the rating it inadequate and a threat he was exaggerating. Then why are evacuated, once on Board everything is in order and the commander was panicking for no reason? To adequately assess the situation, you should understand a few points. First, the commander of the nuclear aircraft carrier of the US Navy — it’s not just any navalRead More →

The locomotive engineer Eduardo Moreno, 44 years old, I thought that the appearance in the port of Los Angeles a huge white ship with red crosses on the sides — this is no accident. Authorities say this is to help in the fight against the pandemic — but who in our days believes the authorities? Probably the virus they themselves launched. But if they do not — so the Chinese, one hell. And the ship probably over sick experiments any. Instill in them the DNA of the aliens from Area 51 or something. In General, they do abominations, which any honest decent person is obligedRead More →

Tatiana Bakieva — radiologist. Graduated from First St. Petersburg state medical University named after academician I. P. Pavlov in the specialty «General medicine», residency in the specialty «Ray diagnostics and medical imaging» fgbi «national research medical center. V. A. Almazov». Currently working as a radiologist in a private clinic MRI «Affordable medicine», enrolled in graduate school fsbi SMRC them. V. A. Almazov in the specialty «Ray diagnostics and ray therapy». Doing a PhD thesis on «Study of functional and structural changes of the brain in patients after radical surgery for breast cancer». Member of the St. Petersburg radiological society, the European Academy of neurology. TatianaRead More →

The website Israel Defense reports with reference to the Minister of health of Israel that the fight against the pandemic coronavirus help military and intelligence agencies. Special thanks he expressed «Shabak» (internal security), «Mossad» (political intelligence) and logistics of the defense Forces of Israel. Especially from all these distinguished officers «Mossad» — they brought into the country several millions of medical masks (it is not necessary to laugh — as practice shows, this simple product can easily become scarce), diagnostics kits for coronavirus and, most importantly, three dozen ventilators. The latter is necessary to maintain the life of those who have the disease is severe.Read More →

No end of the world cannot be considered complete until the Americans have not unsealed the bunker under Cheyenne mountain. And it did happen. General Terence O’shaughnessy, head of the Northern command of the U.S. armed forces, and also, concurrently, head of NORAD, said during an online conference in Facebookthat key personnel of the armed forces have moved away from sin, in a well-fortified place. In order to avoid, so to speak. In particular, managers, the Northern command and NORAD moved from Peterson air force base, where usually, in the legendary bunker under Cheyenne mountain (he often glimpsed in Hollywood movies about the Third worldRead More →

To observe the regime of self-isolation in the slums is difficult, and in such as the Brazilian favelas, and even impossible. There the poor live literally each other’s heads, population density is huge. The government is looking to protect against pandemic COVID-19 at least part of the population in these disadvantaged neighborhoods. As informs newspaper the Rio Times, the meeting of the Minister of health Edmar Santos with representatives from more than forty favelas were considered different options. One of them is the place most vulnerable to coronavirus individuals (the elderly, diabetics, asthmatics, etc.) on Board ships of the Brazilian Navy and allow them toRead More →

Panic in the streets / Panic in the Streets (1950) A brothel in New Orleans. A visiting foreigner did not want to continue. But the local gangsters are already attracted to his money — the next morning the poor fellow was fished out of the waters of the Harbor with two bullets in his chest. [embedded content] The matter is clear? But a police surgeon, like a real Pro, he looked to the corpse and called the officer of the Ministry of health. He looked through a microscope at a sample: «So, the body immediately burn his things — also, all vaccinations, and bring meRead More →