Проигранная гонка Гидроавиация родилась почти одновременно с авиацией обычной и долгое время не просто не отставала, но иногда даже перегоняла наземных коллег. В Первую мировую стало ясно, что самолёты-амфибии незаменимы как морские разведчики, имеют неплохой потенциал как бомбардировщики и торпедоносцы, и даже могут применяться как истребители. Межвоенный же период стал настоящей золотой эрой гидроавиации. В 20-е годы 20-го века казалось, что гидроавиация почти победила наземных коллег и скоро вступит в настоящее противоборство с флотом, в том числе и догнав корабли и по размерам Амфибии было проще увеличивать в размерах, чем их наземных коллег. Самые роскошные и большие авиалайнеры были именно летающими лодками. Более того, рекорд скорости долгое время принадлежал гидросамолёту Macchi M.C.72, который в 1934 году взял рубеж в 700 километров в час. Для наземных самолётов той эпохи это былиRead More →

Mystery of the Austrian army In the XIX century among the military of Europe went mocking saying: «the Italian army exists only to the Austrians, too, could somebody win.» Indeed, if we look at the history of the Austrian (and later Austro-Hungarian) army in the XIX — early XX century, we see quite a sad picture. The Habsburg army suffered defeat by the Hungarians in 1848, the French in Italy in 1859, from the Prussians in Bohemia in 1866, and from the Russians on the Eastern front in the First world war. Even the Italians are periodically attacked the Austrians telling blows. And a centuryRead More →

Options for the battle All weapons suitable for war in space, can be divided into three types: beam, missiles and artillery. To better understand the tactical difference between them, the Atomic Rockets website offers the following analogy: the small-bore rifle (beam), shotgun (artillery) and service dog (rocket). The small-bore rifle shoots far and accurately, but the damage from her lungs bullets are small. The shotgun inflicts severe wounds, but is dangerous only in close proximity. Finally, a service dog is capable of chasing the enemy for a long time and to plan the attack, but it can be distracting or shoot. Outset: when we talkRead More →

«Английский гнёт в американских колониях особенно усилился после Семилетней войны. В 1763 году определена была пограничная линия (по Аппалачам), за которой колонистам было запрещено селиться на землях, принадлежавших английской короне. В следующем году были установлены таможенные пошлины на сахар, вино, шелк и другие продукты и товары, запрещено торговать с Французской и Голландской Вест-Индией. В 1765 году был введён закон о военном постое, обязывавший колонистов предоставлять английским колониальным войскам жилье и питание. В том же году был введён закон о гербовом сборе. Правда, через год английский парламент, убедившись, что закон этот осуществить невозможно, отменил его, но уже в 1767 году были введены законы Тауншенда — пошлины в пользу Англии на ввоз стекла, свинца, красок, бумаги и чая. В 1773 году колонисты отказались покупать чай Ост-Индской компании, на который были введены новые пошлины, а вRead More →

Electrical extension cord — a simple thing found in every home, garage, Dorm, and often, the attitude is flippant. Sometimes it ends in tears. The User Peekaboo Tech.spiritus in detail on how to properly choose and use extension cords, not to start a fire. The most important parameter is the wire cross section. The photo marking of cables of different extenders Cable size (cross-sectional area of the conductor cable, measured in square millimeters), is as the diameter of the pipe, the more vrethem taps into the pipe, the more desired diameter to provide acceptable pressure at all. If a lot of consumers, but they areRead More →

At the end of the XVII century called the Commonwealth a sovereign state could be a stretch. To power contrary to the decision of the poles came a protege of Russia and Austria, the elector of Saxony August, nicknamed «the Strong» (he really had a high height, strong physique and incredible strength, parading bending coins). Thanks to the new monarch of Poland was strongly involved in anti-Ottoman Alliance, which at the end of the XVII century was considered the main political task of the Vienna and Moscow. The great Northern war But soon the situation changed dramatically. Tsar Peter decided to fight with Sweden. InRead More →

Our Soviet Union will punish In the late perestroika, in 1990, in a popular Moscow newspaper published an article that the USSR was the first who applied the so-called gas vans (in the Reich — «the van». — Approx. ed.). Alleged actually existed, the head of the AHO, (administrative Department) of the NKVD in the Moscow region Isay Berg invented the «gas vans» quicker to execute «enemies of the people» during the terror of 1937-1938. The Berg was arrested in 1938 and shot in 1939. The time was rich in sensations, so no one was interested in drawings and documents on invented terror machine. AndRead More →

«I came, I saw, I conquered,» he said to himself, the great Caesar in 47 BC, However, in 52 BC, the phrase could sound like «I came, I saw, besieged». To be more precise: «he came, he organized an engineering work constructed siege fortifications, was nearly lost his head when approached Gallic reinforcements, but at the last moment, thanks to the counter-attack and his personal charm, still won.»Read More →

Poland — the noble Republic, controlled by the king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was entered in the XVII century in a blaze of glory. It was one of the biggest countries of Europe, it possessed a numerous and warlike gentry, the Polish cavalry was considered one of the best. During the Troubles of the Polish army were neither destroyed the Russian state and the Tsar Vasily Shuisky was taken to Warsaw, where he bowed to the Polish king and brought him a humiliating oath. However, over the ostentatious power of the Polish state was hiding the rot, saps the foundations of the state. The dynasticRead More →

The Soviet-Finnish war was the third of the prewar conflict in which «ran» the Red army — including its sanitation. After the Civil war the red army was huge and ruinous to the country; reform Frunze made her tiny and impoverished — alas, this country pulled hard. After the success of industrialization has the opportunity to make the army big and modern, although not rich. At lake Khasan, Khalkhin Gol and in Finland tested all components of the army — and of course, sanitary service. If Khalkhin- the main specificity of the theater of war became endless steppes and unthinkable for Europe of the lengthRead More →