В начале мая исландская студия 1939games выпустила компьютерную игру KARDS, посвящённую Второй мировой войне. Основатели компании когда-то покинули знаменитую студию CCP Games, подарившую онлайн-бестселлер EVE Online, и надежды на этот релиз возлагались действительно немалые. Что? О чём? Игра являет нам образчик классической ККИ (Коллекционной карточной игры), перенесённой на экран компьютера. Пять стран — СССР, США, Великобритания, Германия и Япония — представлены набором карт, которые плюс-минус соответствуют основным характеристикам сражающихся армий (по мнению разработчиков). Так, советские воины хороши в обороне, <a href="https://warhead.su/2019/04/25/yaponskie-banzayataki-bessmyslennoe-samoubiystvo-ili-gramotnaya-taktika" data-title="Японские «банзай-атаки»: бессмысленное самоубийство или грамотная тактика?» data-src=»/system/images/000/204/125/teaser/8ac14b0de9cdf0e0932b7852d5fe718a13c33dfd.jpg?1579251066″ data-lead=»Термином «банзай» чаще называют абсолютно бессмысленные с тактической точки зрения самоубийственные лобовые атаки методом «людской волны». Японская пехота сделала их своей визитной карточкой. Но так лиRead More →

The story of the poster of the Chinese company Huawei has swept across the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet. It’s not every day foreign PR is used as a symbol of resistance of our legendary Il-2. However, opened from the history of the second layer — image that often «shines» in domestic social networks under the guise of documentary photography, in fact, is a screenshot from the Russian game «Il-2: Sturmovik», released in 2001. Edition WARHEAD.SU managed to find the author of this screenshot. They turned out to be Alex > Les, big man, — the first Deputy Director at the state of the RepublicRead More →

The website Military.com reportsthat journalists portal Bellingcat was able to find a lot of interesting information about American servicemen in studying… mobile app for beer lovers Untappd. This utility allows users to rate pubs in which they visited, and supplied them beer, and Beers to drink in other places, plus tells the address of the nearest bars and pubs. It is possible in this app to share photos — and here they are-the main source of «intelligence» was. Whether from a good mood, whether under the influence of alcoholic vapors, the us military often post things totally inappropriate under the Charter. Photos of identity cards,Read More →

And again, the noise of the news feed — «the Il-2 became the face of the Huawei»! In the network appeared the poster, which depicts a Soviet «flying tank» — it is dotted with holes from bullets and shrapnel, but continued the flight. The caption under the picture in the Chinese version reads: «Without scars will not be a strong skin and stronger muscles. Heroes always endured hardships». In the international version, the slogan is different: «Heroes are not born, heroes become». Therefore, Huawei hints that a trade war with the United States company on the shoulder and no us sanctions it will not break.Read More →

«Divan Analytics» In WARHEAD.SU have a news editor. How does it look? Special chat, in which all participants take off the most interesting, in their opinion, news. News editor Alexander Grebnev skeptical looks at all the links and occasionally commented with a decent catch, from which he creates news or topics «sofa analysts». By the way, Alexander is 90 percent the same «sofa analysts» WARHEAD.SU by weight so accurately. See editorial reflections — almost always can guess who is its author. In the same chat and share links to interesting military photos. The most interesting Alexey Bortnikov next day places in social networks. So inRead More →

According to Russian media reports, a wave of mentions that armed forces may in the near future to obtain multi-purpose A-050 ekranoplan «the Seagull.» Someone has added this clarification that international experts say, has been dubbed the new «sea monster» and return «LUN», «Eaglet» and other crazy projects of the height of the cold war. Initially, we also glad and wanted the news to do. But the habit decided to first check the source. The concept of ekranoplan A-050 «Chaika» Divination on Twitter Those publications that did not refer to each other, indicated as the source of an article on the website We Are TheRead More →

The editors of the gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun has arranged for its subscribers unusual entertainment. Everyone is invited to take part in the completion of special missions for the game Combat Mission: Fortress Italy. The mission was created by Tim stone, one of the editors of the site. She is inspired by classic Hollywood military-adventure movies such as «Kelly’s Heroes» and «the Dirty dozen». In the story, a group of American soldiers in Italy in 1944, learned about the shipment of gold stolen by the Nazis, and decided to sacrafice and share it. The Germans, in turn, intend to load the treasure into theRead More →

The right to remain silent The sixth of March 2019 of the Federal law «On status of servicemen» was supplemented by new provisions. Military servicemen and citizens called up for military training, was forbidden to disclose or publish online any information about himself, about his belonging to the armed forces about their activities, other military personnel and their family members about the location of units, what controls, etc. That is any information, not even related to the state secret, can not communicate. Everything you need, if anything, will tell you, the press service of the Ministry of defence. It is clear that there is aRead More →

Summer is coming, but this year emotions this time of year does not matter. Pandemic coronavirus broke our plans and deprived of their travel, so we will not envy those who flew to Bali and those who are fortunate enough at the time to get a cottage. During the quarantine, the country is the best place for work and rest, of course, if there’s Internet connection. Well, if Internet at the cottage is still there, then nothing prevents us to organize it there. For this, there are five excellent and low-cost ways, one of which will surely fit to your case. 1. Point your mobileRead More →

Withnational center for cognitive development University of information technologies, mechanics and optics (ITMO) announced about the initiative to hold a March «Immortal regiment» 2020 online. To get together in reality will not work for all obvious reasons, called COVID-19, but that is no reason to cancel the event altogether. [embedded content] The organizers of the «Immortal regiment» added the ability to post photos of veterans and their stories on its website. The experts of ITMO went ahead and created a separate app in which to view these data on a world map. The app automatically pulls from your social networks photos, equipped with themed hashtagsRead More →