Chicken fillets are ideal for cooking in a pan on low heat and in the oven. The material will show recipes of delicious dishes that look like a food and the same taste but to spend hours playing at the stove with them is not necessary. But I will get to surprise their family and friends. 1. Home kebab Home kebab.A long time ago mastered the recipe diet skewers of chicken fillet in a marinade of kefir or yogurt. Why not use this same recipe for cases when there is no grill, nor the energy, nor the time, and there is a frying pan andRead More →

Natalia Bochkareva — a wonderful actress who became popular in 2006, when «light» came the sitcom «Happy together», where the woman played a lazy, but beautiful Dasha man Bukin. At the time of filming, the woman was 24 years old. Her first husband was lawyer Nikolai Borisov, who was older than her 13 years. The light they had a son Ivan, and later, on the set of «Happy together» found out she was pregnant with daughter Mary. Masha, now 13, and son age 14. But father’s children actress divorced.   It is known that a couple of years ago Bochkareva was married to his assistantRead More →

A wonderful actress Svetlana Timofeeva was born in a military family and teacher. From childhood she was drawn to the creativity so I decided to go to the Department of psychology. After studying several courses, Svetlana realized that her place on the stage. That is why Timofeev went to conquer the state Institute of cinematography. After a talented young woman take to the theatre and give a few cameo roles in movies. As Svetlana tries himself as the presenter. At the moment the woman is a successful actress, which account for more than 50 roles in film and a number of roles in the theatre.Read More →

The military life is constant moving and service apartments. In the suburban village of Kalininets built a small village for the military, and channel one showed their new homes. The apartment owners are happy and smiling, and watched this movie puzzled: they lived in containers, cabins? The Network surprised the new houses for the military, built in the village of Kalininets of Moscow oblast. They already inhabited, and the story of the settlers was held may 14 in the news program of First channel. In the homes, as reported in the story, has everything you need: furniture, bathrooms and even the curtains. The village, accordingRead More →

In the Soviet cinema at all times and at any pressure, there was a brilliant tape, which viewers love. A large part of the masterpieces of the twentieth century today non-stop twist cable and satellite channels, but there is in our history and the pearls, which are rare on TV. It is these forgotten centraliens we offer today to remember. The first teacher (1965) The debut feature film by Andrei Konchalovsky is a unique excursion into the traditional, but each time playing with new colors, the confrontation of old and new, are typical not only for the USSR but also for any other country. TheRead More →

There are plenty of all sorts of nontraditional medical practices, the hearing of which a real doctor just grins. But when it comes about hypnosis, then shrug. In fact, hypnosis is a temporary state of consciousness, when a man as if in a dream, but it wasn’t a dream. Scientists believe that this greatly changes the brain, but it is still not clear how and why. That is, hypnosis is, they somehow know how to use, but the way it works, nobody really knows. And it is known that hypnotic practices people employ at least 3,000 years. Interestingly, hypnosis has been known from ancient timesRead More →

This is a bold and beefy barefoot bearded figure and there are those legendary collectors of leeches. This profession existed at the turn of XIX and XX centuries. Leeches collected in different ways, but was used as an industrial method of fishing «on live bait» – in this case, it is clear that the use of horses, which had slightly imbedded in the water. And after some time came and collected thickly clinging to their leeches.Why leeches? Generally hundreds of years it was believed that leeches are good for phlebotomy, and this can help with number of ailments. Such a method is even called Hirudotherapy.Read More →

Почти весь мир борется с коронавирусом, свой вклад вносят и уличные художники, посмотрите самые интересные работы из разных городов мира. Амстердам, Нидерланды, 19 апреля 2020 года Калифорния, США, 30 апреля 2020 года Бухарест, Румыния, 29 апреля 2020. Берлин,27 апреля 2020 года Ванкувер, Канада, 19 апреля 2020 года Лондон, 25 апреля 2020 года Мадрид, Испания, апрель 2020 года Бристоль, 22 апреля 2020 года Лакхнау, 22 апреля 2020 апреля Великобритания. 29 апреля 2020 года Найроби, Кения, 18 апреля, 2020 года Лондон, 19 апреля, 2020 года Мельбурн, Австралия, 22 апреля 2020 года Ливерпуль,29 апреля, 2020 годафотографии интересное необычное стрит-арт коронавирусRead More →

Gym «Dinosaur jungle» — a project user by the name of Kosman, he created it, realizing his childhood dream. To create various materials were used, including constructions of steel and wood, foam, wire mesh, paint, ceramic filler and other components. 10 000 kg of concrete went into the prop, so the dinosaur is not overturned. Body shape resembles Apatosaurus herbivorous dinosaur of the late Jurassic period. The dinosaur is equipped with a swing on the tailHandles for climbing on one side and rope on the other. []»/uploads/posts/2020-05/1589014074_pressa_tv_ec04d8bc-234b-47d7-a44e-e71cc19b1c57.jpeg» alt=»»> Dinosaur length of 14 meters, a height of 3-3. 6 m, weight — more than 1587 kg.Read More →