Father is the first man sees a girl, so how will the relations between them, depends on many things. From mom daughter get the love, affection and care, but for the future psychological health of the child is important and part of the second parent in his upbringing. At least for the sake of the girls took over from their dad, their great sense of humor. chert-poberi.ru found 19 clear examples proving that the relationship between fathers and daughters is a mixture of hipersaiti, immense love and mutual banter. And as a bonus we have prepared for all parents, the question is not so easyRead More →

In the second half of the 30-ies, rapidly growing Wehrmacht was seriously thinking about the conquest of the Eastern lands. But the pragmatic Germans were aware that to conquer these lands, where the concept «road»is not in principle, but winter snow can be an insurmountable barrier to any equipment in addition to caterpillar, will require new types of all-terrain vehicles. One of these machines was unique caterpillar motorcycle BMW Speziel Tr500 «Schneekrad» («Schnee», «snow», «krad» – abbr. from the “Kraftrad” – motorcycle)from the company BMW. This unit was created on the basis of a motorcycle BMW R12 and was built in a single copy. Unfortunately,Read More →

Some of our favorite «healthy» foods you should not eat. /Photo: s.s-bol.somw recent years significantly increased interest in healthy eating. Many try to consume more fresh juices, foods rich in vitamins. However, in this course there are pitfalls: not all the advertised and popular products as useful as we think. To avoid problems with health will help a selection of tips that will shed light on food and beverages that require special care. Juices are not as useful as many think Even healthy foods can cause harm. /Photo: mir24.tvОсобой popularity always enjoyed orange juice, which contains a rich amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. However,Read More →

Homemade knives occupy a special place in the history of the great Patriotic war. Their appearance and distribution in the red army was, you might say, inevitable — a knife in the army was a very popular weapon, and the knife industry in the Soviet Union was in this sense is very poorly developed, so the saying «necessity is the mother of invention» proved to be very helpful. The second stage in the development of artisanal knives came with the beginning of world war II: the practice included the awarding of the distinguished fighters with melee weapons, which often applied a proper title. At theRead More →

Choosing the second half we rarely think about sexual compatibility and how fit together in bed. Sex seems different at first, but the passion subsides and the questions arise in intimate satisfaction. How you approach each other sexually? Is it possible to achieve sexual compatibility? «The key to a relationship: let the quarrel be clean and the sex dirty.» Kevin Bacon Sexual compatibility zodiac signs You can search the table of intimate compatibility of the signs, but if you can’t match? Frustrating to know that you have a sexual incompatibility. What to do in this case? To leave or what? But you love each other.Read More →

About 70% of women fake orgasm periodically, but you are all wrong? Thinks 90% of men who are lovers of unsatisfied women. How to make a girl squirm in bed from passion and orgasm? The main erogenous zones of women, the knowledge of which will help to get the title of best lover. «The fantasy of many guys, to the chagrin, inspired by pornography. They believe that the lady needs to get an orgasm in 2 seconds. But sex is like music: certainly need to rehearse!» Kim Cattrall Statistics on female orgasms autisim, but allows to draw some conclusions and correct the situation sex. AlmostRead More →

Michaela Raines, mistress nonprofit organization dedicated to the breeding of foxes, located near the town of Faribault, captured the reaction of one of their loving Pets. Fox named Finnegan could not contain his emotions after the mistress caressed him. A cat living on a farm, hearing the howl, came out into the yard to distract the girls from the red competitor. «Finnegan, born in captivity, lives in the nursery with their tribesmen. None of my domesticated foxes can’t survive in the wild,» wrote Michael Raines in the comments to the story, transmitted 20 December 2019. [embedded content]Read More →

Amazing moment caught on video when the dog shared his drinking water with a Koala in the midst of a forest fire and drought. Daniel stone, a resident of the city of Ashton (Adelaide hills, South Australia) captured your pet is to Grow the wild Koala, thirst-quenching tank with water. For the past two years a wild animal, named Quasi, makes visits to the backyard of a private home where there are always specially prepared for him eucalyptus leaves and a VAT of water. According to the Australian, marsupial animal in the midst of the forest fires and heat waves, several times a day comeRead More →

Simple and straightforward cooking tips that will be useful to all.There is nobody not a secret that the experienced mistress knows how to give a particular dish a unique flavor, make it richer. Skills do their thing. We decided to share 12 tricks that will make cooking simpler and meals more delicious. 1. Salt and sugar to taste Salt and sugar to enhance the taste. | Photo: Hudo.Mix in a glass of water, salt and sugar in equal parts. Taste, the liquid should be such that it was impossible to determine it sweet or salty. The resulting solution can be used for making sauces andRead More →