The steering wheel of the car is the most frequently used element of the cabin. To compete with him in the issue of «popularity» may perhaps the gear lever and Parking brake. The main problem is that over time, the steering wheel loses its original appearance. To correct this sad situation is possible in just 5-10 minutes with tools that with great probability to have in every home. «Donut» started its original appearance? No need to worry about it, the steering wheel can be returned to its former glory with the help of one «old-fashioned» method. In most cases it is enough to touch upRead More →

Despite the fact that the excitement around cryptocurrencies and mining-farms subsided a bit, the world is still development in this promising field. Recently Microsoft has announced that it invented a new way of hashing the token with the help of sports and mental activity. American technology giant decided not to pigeonhole and patented his idea until it used by someone else. According to the description of the invention mining will be carried out during physical activity or in the process of mental concentration when reading. To monitor the parameters of the body are special sensors that will need to fix on the body. They canRead More →

Travelling became the norm for any modern man. In the realities of the twenty-first century, borders are almost nonexistent. With a great desire, it’s easy to get the opportunity to go to any country. But the budget often can not cover all features necessary to give preference to the most valuable options and tickets searchwhich takes place through the Internet, are not purchased so often. Better to spend time finding the most attractive option for the implementation of an unforgettable journey. How to blog for travel help? In order to prioritize, you should familiarize yourself with the interactive world map on the website ClickingRead More →

Probably everyone at least in the movies I had to see a picture of the reticle on the optical sight of a sniper rifle. As a rule, there are a large number of various lines and straps. To get lost in all of them simple. That is why it becomes doubly interesting: as snipers in these grids are good, and which of the lines need to aim to beat as a «squirrel’s eye». All the elements needed. /Photo: Lines and straps on the optics of the sight is what’s called a «reticle». It is not just for sniper scopes, but in General to anyRead More →

Never believed in the fable globe ) Muddy type some he. According to Pavel Globa Russia for several years in anticipation of change. The world’s business platform, our state is not official. Sanctions, conditions, restrictions and many other restrictions from the West and America are the consequences in social and economic terms. At a time when the government needs to give support to citizens, it increases their capital by exercising dictatorship against citizens. Globa thinks 2020 will be variable. It is not known what will be change, but you need to be ready for anything, a possible change of government, the chairs of which haveRead More →

We live surrounded by different opinions, and if some are always relevant, in others, it’s time to stop believing. To the latter often include those associated with household appliances, because technological progress improves the gadgets and saves you from from a number of disadvantages. That’s just not all we are aware of this, and because we continue to believe in the long-untruthful facts. To your attention the 13 most common myths about kitchen appliances that have not have nothing to do with reality. 1. No Frost refrigerators and dishwashers very loud work Kitchen gadgets long «talk» is no louder than a person. /Photo: lenbyt.ruPreviously, thereRead More →

During isolation, the President of Russia announced in the spring of 2020, extremely popular was the movie «Contagion» in 2011 with Jude law. Someone considers it an accurate prediction of the pandemic coronavirus. In fact, in the film a lot and the concurring and dissenting moments and some of life by the filmmakers, it seems, are not provided and therefore not shown. What the movie predicted reality Coronavirus COVID-19 really came from Asia and people got it from bats. However, in the film the virus first got from their pigs, and in pigs, the virus went and the people. In fact, the path of infectionRead More →

There is one extremely useful tool for woodworkers, which has somehow been forgotten in our time, the overwhelming majority of masters and owners. To make this device, can anyone using minimal materials and tools. Later done the line will significantly make life easier. So, let’s see what I have to do. Cut of the workpiece. /Photo: Why the need for this tool? It’s very simple – it is fitting the line with a rigid fixation. Thing is extremely useful and convenient when performing marking. Useful for those who cut any parts out of wood and doing carpentry. To make the line from ordinary plywood.Read More →

The human body still holds many unsolved medicine secrets, the answer to which is quite difficult to find a medical explanation to it yet. In continuation of the post you read and learn 10 interesting facts about the human body, which, I think, known not for everyone. For example, did you know that the human foot can be cooled to a temperature of +16 degrees, with particular harm to the limbs is not harmful. At the base of the follicles of every hair on the body is the muscle that raises hair. Under certain emotional States such as anger or fear, and in the cold,Read More →

Writes Alexander «Russos» Popov: «I Drove to the construction of a hospital. I was amazed. I have seen many construction projects of different scale. But such a concentration of construction resources, I have never seen ever.Let me quote the words of Sergei from Watfor: «»Coronavirus,» the hospital is now building a number one in Russia. In scale it is comparable with the Crimean bridge: seven thousand workers, more than a thousand pieces of equipment. Square kilometer field on the border with the Kaluga region has turned into a convenience anthill. Highway closed to through traffic and impounded vehicles, belonging to the construction. Scope of workRead More →