A woman misses your photo through the filters of the app Facetune to show what she would look like according to the trends of the last seven decades. A resident of London did it to prove to the girls that it is impossible to have a perfect image at all times. Fashion thin shape is, it replaces the sporting ideal, and in a few years — a figure «hourglass». The Briton wants to inspire women to accept themselves as they are and not try to fit your body in a fashionable frame. 31-year-old Alex light decided to transform his body according to the ideals ofRead More →

Many modern women who try to combine work and home, very often no time to do them. Despite this, all the fair sex always wants to look beautiful and attractive. Is it possible to achieve this effect, if no time for shopping? In this case, you will be able to help Internet stores that offer to buy any cosmetics from the comfort of home. Professional cosmetics «MasterClass» The company «MasterClass» offers a wide range of cosmetics for every taste. In our directory you will find products from known and trusted brands that are popular all over the world. This will allow working women to carryRead More →

The specificity of the moment The situation in Civil radically different from the great Patriotic war, when the girls brought up in a situation of equality that received a regular military education, incorporation of cog into the existing military machine. Understanding that this machine will continue to operate under its rules — with or without them. In the Civil was different. Laws were not yet available, the official hierarchy, there was only very rough. Mutual rights and obligations of superior and subordinate regularly penetrability. It was impossible so simply to take and to give the troublemaker a subordinate court-martialed. The system does not protect peopleRead More →

The female orgasm is as mysterious Bermuda triangle, which killed many sailors. Female orgasms remain a mystery, but continue to attract many people. What kinds of pleasures in the sex and the orgasms are great sex? Orgasm is the peak and climax of sexual pleasure. Orgasm occurs when stimulation of the genitals: during sex or during Masturbation. The female orgasm is a bit more varied and complex than men’s. Most people think that there is a maximum of one or two types of orgasms. But in reality types of female orgasms so much more. Although most women have 2-3 varieties. 7 types of orgasms inRead More →

Eighteenth Feb 2020 Agency «bi-Bi-si» has told about an unprecedented case in the history of the British armed forces — for the first time in the history of the maroon beret parachutist was able to get a woman. British paratroopers has always been famous for very stringent selection. Concessions they don’t do this to anyone, so, despite the fact that women were allowed to apply for membership in 1990-e years, over the past quarter century, no one to pass the exam failed. No one, except Rosie Wilde. Captain Rosie Wilde gets a purple beret. In the illustration on the title — it is a premiumRead More →

New Zealand’s I Love Ugly adverted her latest collection of men’s jewelry with the use of naked women, than I caused discontent of the public. Many outraged users expressed in social networks, and President of the National Council of women of New Zealand said that the photos «are disappointing and are promoting gender inequality». Nevertheless sophisticated and fashionable rings for men from I Love Ugly is still selling out like hot cakes! Photo: Gjournal Vkontakte <div class=»livejournal» title=»Share link on LiveJournal» data-html=»{title}«>LiveJournal Classmates My world You may want to see:Read More →

Erogenous zones of girls waiting for the male touch, but not worth the rude and insolent to grab the convexity of beauty. In a relationship has its own rules of adult games that helps to bond a man and a woman. How to make a touch exciting, but the process of seduction enjoyable, fast and effective? «Everything is born from a small. Our love was born from a single inadvertent touch.» Elchin Safarli The level of women’s desire and confidence is growing slowly, when men are ready for a hot battle in bed. Girls don’t like hurried men who too quickly start pestering and annoyingRead More →

Annually website 500px.com opens up a number of nominations, «Best of the year». Among the many categories there is one that is enjoyable and understandable to everyone — from people for whom photography is somewhere there beyond the horizon, to the true connoisseurs of photographic art. And what were these pictures show the beauty of the naked female body or deep psychology — believe me, you’ll find it. Jury nomination asserts that each of the selected photos has artistic value and is not removed for the sake of nudity. By the way, all pictures are made by normal users of the site. Sanctum author: SashaRead More →

A girlfriend or wife avoids sex? Women were asked to name something that pushes them to have sex and makes you want more intimacy. If men did it, women wanted sex much more often. The girl will give you, if you will. Researchers questioned women about their sexual life. Why are they sex and what makes them want more intimacy? Women giving men a few tips on seduction. Girl wants sex when a man will do it 1. Create sexual tension before sex. Instead of jumping on the woman, the man should take care of the atmosphere in advance. More affection, romance and emotions. WhenRead More →

Thirteenth Feb 2020 TV channel «Zvezda» told about what is perhaps a large offer of marriage in the history of Russian armed forces. Lieutenant of the Taman division with the support of the crews of two tank companies (and, obviously, command of the division) was built on landfill Alabino giant heart out of sixteen tanks T-72B3. In the center of this romantic roaring engines figure offer was made. Girl, if anyone is interested, agreed. In General, in love with a military — terrible force. The engagement ring in a balloon almost be sent into space, a half dozen military vehicles on the ground thrown outRead More →