Twenty-first of February 2020 on the website of the United aerospace Corporation appeared the message that the engineers of the Corporation «MiG» (part of UAC) received a patent for the automatic landing system. The system is planned to be used on the newest fighter aircraft corporations MiG-29M/M2 and MiG-35. As can be understood from a brief description, the main purpose of the system is still not complete replacement of the pilot when landing and help him. Staff assumes that the final stage of the landing people will take. But in an emergency situation, presumably, the onboard computer will be able to lay out the glideRead More →

Eighteenth Feb 2020 Agency «bi-Bi-si» has told about an unprecedented case in the history of the British armed forces — for the first time in the history of the maroon beret parachutist was able to get a woman. British paratroopers has always been famous for very stringent selection. Concessions they don’t do this to anyone, so, despite the fact that women were allowed to apply for membership in 1990-e years, over the past quarter century, no one to pass the exam failed. No one, except Rosie Wilde. Captain Rosie Wilde gets a purple beret. In the illustration on the title — it is a premiumRead More →

Eighteenth Feb 2020 Agency TASS reportedthat the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war in Saint Petersburg, will open three new Museum. They will all be created on the basis of the collections of the Military medical Museum, will open its doors in the coming months. The first Museum of the medical service of the red Army. With him in his time began the creation of the Military medical Museum, and now he again stands out as a separate exposure. The second is the Museum of local wars and armed conflicts. The third is the Museum of memory of victims of Nazism.Read More →

Thirteenth Feb 2020 TV channel «Zvezda» told about what is perhaps a large offer of marriage in the history of Russian armed forces. Lieutenant of the Taman division with the support of the crews of two tank companies (and, obviously, command of the division) was built on landfill Alabino giant heart out of sixteen tanks T-72B3. In the center of this romantic roaring engines figure offer was made. Girl, if anyone is interested, agreed. In General, in love with a military — terrible force. The engagement ring in a balloon almost be sent into space, a half dozen military vehicles on the ground thrown outRead More →

The twelfth of February, the website told about one of the most unusual proposals hands and hearts in history. Captain Stuart Shippy, the pilot of the stealth bomber B-2 393-th bomb squadron from Whiteman air force base, he made his girlfriend Marie Lisman offer by sending ring in the stratosphere using a weather balloon. Captain Shippy so fond of the sky that connected with him not only his job but also a hobby in his spare time he is engaged in launching balloons. This allowed him to accurately calculate the flight and landing valuable cargo. [embedded content]Chronicle of the flight recorded by the cameraRead More →

Fifth Feb 2020 Agency «RIA Novosti» reported with reference to the official representative of the concern «Uralvagonzavod» that the state tests of the T-90M has been successfully completed. The contract for the supply of the troops pilot batch of cars is already signed and executed. The decision on acceptance into service and the start of mass production will be taken soon after reviewing the test results. T-90M — the latest modification of the tank T-90, created under the theme «break-3″ based on the T-90A. The main difference is that the new tower. It is equipped with multilayer reservation, and the ammo rack is placed outsideRead More →

Third Feb 2020 Agency TASS reported that on the eve made the first flight of a supersonic strategic bomber Tu-160M, deeply modernized version of the good old Tu-160. The flight was at a height of five kilometers and lasted 34 minutes. During the flight, were performed the necessary checks of the updated systems and equipment of the machine. The plane was piloted by a crew under the guidance of a test pilot Henri Accidence. According to the crew, everything went normally, without complications. Due to the fact that the press service of the defense Ministry has not yet published a new photo machine has toRead More →

Twenty-ninth day of January 2020, the newspaper «Vedomosti» reported with reference to sources in the defense industry that the defense Ministry of Vietnam signed an agreement for the supply of twelve combat training aircraft Yak-130. The amount of the transaction amounted to more than 350 million U.S. dollars. «Yaki» will replace the outdated «flying desks» L-39 «Albatross» the Czechoslovak development, created in 1970. «One hundred and thirtieth» mass-produced since 2010, he has become a major training and combat aircraft VKS RF, replacing — Yes, the same «Albatross». Comes in a number of foreign countries, mainly Asian, which have now been joined by the descendants ofRead More →

In December 2019 , we wrote about the beginning of the Russian expedition «Sails of peace». Since then, it took a month and a half, and we decided to see how things are going at the sailors. Moreover, date has today, 28 January 2020, it will be exactly two hundred years the discovery of Antarctica. This is one of the dates, which, in fact, dedicated to the campaign. As the ships went their own route, and meet only at an endpoint of the Islands of South Georgia, and we will talk about each separately. All photos are taken from the official page of the expeditionRead More →

Last year’s order of the Russian Armed forces for equipment «Warrior» has been implemented fully and on time. All the troops sent 18 thousand sets of «Warrior» in six variants. The twenty-second of January 2020, the Agency «RIA Novosti» reported with reference to the Central research Institute of precision engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH) that the defense order of the Russian armed forces for equipment «Warrior» in 2019 fully implemented and on time. All the troops were delivered 18 thousand sets of equipment in six variants: base, commander, sniper, gunner, a gunner of the crew of an armored vehicle. Set of combat equipment «Warrior» was developed under theRead More →