The already quite meager automotive market of Russia continues to lose weight. And we are not talking about absolute sales figures (here, too, to boast of nothing), but about the country represented in brands. The recently announced anti-crisis plan of the Corporation Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi is likely to mean the end of Russian epic Datsun. In Russia, the once famous automobile brand, came out with fanfare and ambitions. But, alas, there was no interesting cars or bids, from which it is impossible to refuse. Although a very mediocre model gamma is still more important. Just look how cool «Datsun» was at the time of its prosperity, thatRead More →

Soviet military-industrial complex has known many strange and unusual military hardware. But the emergence on the Internet of photos of the huge machines of abnormal form, which resembled a tank, has puzzled many users. After all references to it, and the appearance of the IZH too memorable. Therefore, not everyone knows that this monster fought exclusively with…mines. A strange machine, which may introduce confusion about its application. /Photo: pikabu.ruIn reality, few photos show Soviet gas-dynamic minesweeper «warm-T», not a powerful armor-piercing tankas many initially think. This unit was among the samples of military equipment, which before descending into mass production preferred experience with maximum load,Read More →

In the Soviet Union, river navigation was developed much better than it is now. Moreover — in fact, its use was virtually on a par with land public transport. It is therefore not surprising that, when the first hydrofoils, they became very popular and was quickly beginning to associate with the Soviet period in General. To your attention the Quartet of ships on underwater wings, which are symbols already gone down in history era. 1. «Rocket» (1959-1976) The first Soviet ship of a new type. /Photo:«Rocket» — the first Soviet passenger hydrofoil. It was first presented in Moscow in the summer of 1957 inRead More →

Alas, we’ll never know what would be said at the sight of this video, the inventor of the wheel and the inventor of the basin for washing. But even more pitiful that we do not hear as they discuss what they saw between them. And to see what there is to talk about it! Because in this video the Russian craftsmen combined the seemingly incompatible — the wheels and washing the pots! ROM basins — how do you like Cinderella? The experiment was very difficult, but exciting life. First, the authors took capacity not enameled, and then, on the contrary, enameled. What caused this reshuffle,Read More →

Imagine a banal situation. You’re a foreign spy embedded in the network of a Western trade delegation in the Soviet Union. In the evening you come back with a secret task, gripping his microfilm with blueprints of a nuclear submarine, and suddenly see next to the entrance of the safe house a suspicious vehicle… Not only that, before his «here did not stand», and the machine itself is difficult. A black sedan «Volga» GAZ-24. It seems to be the most normal in appearance. Unmarked «Police», without the cap, forgotten on the back shelf. But the stories of experienced fellow spies you know: armed with theRead More →

Motorists that get into a situation where the tires of the vehicle wear faster than I would like. In the end all this results in additional and unnecessary costs. In order to prevent this, you should understand why this happens. The main reasons can distinguish seven. 1. The quality of the road surface A good quality cover is very important. |Photo: The first and perhaps the main reason why there is a premature wear of the tires is the low quality of the road surface. Alas, with this problem himself, the motorist can not do anything. Especially bad the situation is on the roadsRead More →

Aircraft of the U.S. air force for many years, equipped with the so-called gahapati, that is, «armed vessels». Pilots have long referred to these aircraft direct fire support «flying batteries», and this unique type of machinery is so effective that it is not even think to replace it, just upgrade. And there was the gunship, the AC-130J Ghostrider, or «Ghost rider», which enhances the power of the Military-air forces of USA today. «Ghost rider» on the protection of heaven. /Photo: Heavy attack aircraft AC-130J Ghostrider is not really created from scratch — based on new cars was taken as a military freighter MC-130J. InRead More →

In our age of wonder diesel motor in a passenger car is impossible. However, for the Soviet people at the time, these «luxury» was a novelty. And all because of the Soviet Union actually did not produce diesel cars for the consumer market. What was dictated by such a feature of domestic industry? After all, the diesel units were produced in the Union in large numbers. They were mostly trucks. /Photo: The first cars appeared in Europe in 1936. Worldwide demand for diesel fuel grew, but because automakers willingly passed on a new type of engines. However, in the Soviet Union anything like thatRead More →

Surprisingly, it was in the Soviet Union, that is, in a country where for a long time did not exist the concept of «design» were born sometimes true design masterpiece. However, this does not mean that they expected recognition and fame. History of taxi VNIITE-PT proof. Don’t be scared, VNIITE is only the Scientific-research Institute of technical aesthetics, established in the early 60’s. In fact it was the progressive design center, generating some very interesting ideas. Project FRI «prospective taxi» is one of them. Soviet designers reasonably believed that ordinary cars is not very suitable for use in a taxi. Expensive, bulky and gluttonous «Volga»Read More →

Spare wheel needed for that if the motorist will face a puncture or damage in the ranks. However, with all the experienced drivers are well aware of what to wear spare on the drive axle in most cars – this is not the best idea. Many drivers forget about the intricacies. |Photo: Tire blowout is a phenomenon extremely unpleasant for each of the drivers. It is very rare that such a situation cannot continue or resolve the issue with modern «non-traditional» means. Moreover, further movement in such a situation or is simply impossible, or fraught with enormous risks. So all that remains in thisRead More →