Died April 5, 1994 at the age of 27 in Seattle. My name is Kurt, I sing and play guitar.I am a much happier person than me might think.My home town Aberdeen is a small place where people live with a small brain. I ran away from Aberdeen, I was being chased by people with torches, but I escaped in a balloon and flew to Seattle. So I have a dirty imagination.Until I was 9 years old, I was firmly convinced that I would become either a rock star or an astronaut, or President.I immediately realized that I was not like everyone else. Thought IRead More →

When 46-year-old Mandy Charlton divorced after 15 years of marriage, she wanted to transform the house completely according to your taste.Family life she never had the time to do it and confidence that it will appeal to my husband. She altered three-storey townhouse into the home of your dreams. Within a few months, Mandy did all the work myself and spend only 2000 dollarov. This week she added the final touches to their work. Previously, Mandy was too ashamed of his house. Mandy says: «I wanted my home was Paradise. I wanted to become, where you do not want to leave.» «Now I have freedomRead More →

Flex Paste (Flex Paste) meme with a man who smears the paste to seal the hole in the water barrel. Origin 14 Feb 2020 Flex Seal presented a new product – Flex Pasta. It’s pasta that can quickly clog any hole or crack. Pasta works on the same principle as duct tape, Flex Tape, too, became a meme. The footage shows the co-owner of Flex Seal Phil swift. In the commercial he demonstrates a new product. [embedded content] 15 Feb appeared first meme with frames from this video. It was uploaded by the Reddit user C-Legend. Happiness A lot of homework School But severoceska eventuallyRead More →

Bailiffs scared oldPhoto: Catherine sychkova © URA.RU Bailiffs carried out of the apartment 92-year-old rostovite Anna Zaporozhtseva two TVs, while not making any lists, nor explaining the reason for the appearance on her doorstep. About the incident told the daughter of the old woman, posted a video in the Telegram-channel Hue. the woman said. in that moment, when the apartment was broken into by bailiffs. her mother was one. Without her consent, they made a TV out of the room and the kitchen, and left. Anna Zaporozhtseva says that when someone knocked on the door, she thought that her daughter came and opened. «They [policeRead More →

At the place of work of the medical servicePhoto: Vadim Akhmetov © URA.RU news from the plot Chinese coronavirus In Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport landed the plane, on Board of which the child with suspected coronavirus. The liner arrived in Moscow from South-East Asia. «The young passenger has a high temperature», says REN TV. At the place of work of the medical service. Passengers are not allowed to leave the aircraft. Flash new infections occurred in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December last year. For several months the virus has spread around the world. Earlier the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova told about the newRead More →

Auditors and officials of the Ministry of health differed in assessing hospitalsPhoto: Vladimir Gavrikov © URA.RU In the chamber of accounts (SP) did not agree with the response of the Ministry of health, which stated that the report includes an auxiliary building, where medical services are provided. However, the auditors claim that in collecting information on how many health facilities have no water, heat and sewage, talking about hospitals. According to the joint venture in their report were not taken into account technical facilities, says RBC. «Form No. 30 «Information about the medical organization» (it was based data from the report), approved by order FederalRead More →

This material we have prepared specially for men. Instructions for use on a first date it can not be called female logic unique and multifaceted, and in two pages it will not explain. But it will help you to get at least a rough idea about what is happening in our women’s minds during a first date. 1. We struggle with doubt, reading menueto only for men it’s simple: explore the menu is to read it, choose what you like, and order. For us to explore the menu is to STUDY the menu.Not too expensive that I liked? But if I order the cheeseburger extraconalRead More →

Surely the majority of women in the wardrobe, there are a couple of favorite jeans. This convenient garment goes well with many things, whether it’s a t-shirt or dressy blouse. However, the usual images are only suitable for casual style. And I want to look expensive and presentable. What to wear with a pair of jeans to look «a million»? In our review we’ll show you how to turn them into a stylish outfit. 1. Bright top Timur Emek has created a stylish way, wearing a bright sweater with plain jeans. /Photo: i.pinimg.com The most reliable and relevant way to make an ordinary jeans fashionableRead More →