The Federal Antimonopoly service ordered to fine the Lucky Star restaurant, located in one of the shopping centers in Syktyvkar. And all because of Donald trump. Catering for your ad used a cardboard figure of the American President, showing the thumb, supposedly endorsing the food from the restaurant. The FAS decidedthat it is introducing clients to confusion. because trump is actually a restaurant from Syktyvkar was not approved. Komi OFAS issued a decision in the case of improper advertising, made in the image of Donald trump, installed near the entrance to the restaurant «Lucky Star» in the shopping center «Maxi». Donald trump is depicted holdingRead More →

For many Instagram is the highlight of their lives. They brag about their exotic trips, fancy food, sexy poses in front of expensive toys, and it’s entirely their choice. In fact, these pictures show only a tiny part of their life, and these adorable images is worth many other, sometimes very funny. Recently Thai model Vienna decided to show its 150 thousand subscribers that behind every «perfect» photos in social networks is more than it seems at first glance, and published a series of photographs » Instagram vs reality «, that really resonated with people.Read More →

«Have you ever noticed that before people in his youth, looked much older than his years?» This question asked by a former professional baseball player Brandon McCarthy, running in a Twitter thread. With the athlete, many have agreed and proved this fact snapshots from the family archives and old photographs of celebrities. We I read with interest the whole thread and decided to post the most vivid photographic record. «My grandmother 20 years. Was always sure that in this photo she is 40, but recently learned the truth» Elizabeth Taylor for 17 years. She, as always, is beautiful, but here she’s like 20 toRead More →

Recently a Twitter user named Mike Parker of Crystal, Minnesota shared a strange photo of railroad tracks, covered with corn. The photos quickly spread via social networks. After the other person has shared a photo of Parker in his Twitter account, the tweet gained more than 110 thousand likes in a few days. Some people noticed the similarity of the road with corn and roads of yellow brick in the Wizard of Oz. Some people had doubts about the authenticity of the photos, it looked too clean corn. However, local media confirmed that the train was, in fact, scattered corn. Local residents went to seeRead More →

Favorite exhibit of my children at the Hermitage – Golden peacock, a time machine made of gilded copper of the workshop English mechanic James Cox and master Frederick Yuri. To see it in action, the children are ready to stay an hour there, not leaving. The machine uses four mechanisms: one hour and three, resulting in the movement of figures owl, peacock and cock, and all are still working.Read More →

It was a pretty bright and rich at the aviation event of the year. It was different, there were many interesting and beautiful. I was shooting planes under the scorching sun of India, Malaysia, Dubai and Zhukovsky, hiding from the chilly wind in Tyumen and took refuge from the cold summer rain in Kubinka, were moved from flight to flight, sat for hours waiting for the dock to catch the next Airshow, taking Moscow on Board the refueling tankers, flew over the Golden autumn in a helicopter… Present a selection of the best aviation photos 2019. Photography and text by Marina lystseva 1. Malaysia, islandRead More →

Share with your friends FAV The Americans showed their svejesobranna camouflage Military space forces. The audience was left disappointed — it was plain brown-green spots, the same ones worn by the US Army. Department analysts sitting room WARHEAD.SU conducted a study: who and how would you suggest to camouflage in space, and some of these ideas are applicable in practice? Eighteenth January 2020, the Military space forces of the United States published in its official Twitter account a photo of the approved option of their uniforms. Those who are waiting for the futuristic silver jumpsuits or multi-colored sweatshirts, a La «Star trek», was greatly disappointedRead More →

Share with your friends FAV Eastern Canada is suffering from unusually heavy snowfall, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is covered with snow on the roof. For clearing blockages, the authorities were forced to call in the military. The twentieth of January, the News Tribune newspaper reported on its website that the canadian government mobilized the armed forces to combat… with snow! While in Russia, residents of several regions complained of extremely warm winter and with tears in his eyes molded mud due to the lack of snow, the Eastern part of Canada covered the unprecedented size of snowfalls. Since the snow does not subsideRead More →