Pamela Anderson was once considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Every night out has become a sensation and men around the world wanted to see her at least once in your life. Pamela for 53 years, but it is also wonderful and every young model would have dreamed of such a figure. Recently, the journalists managed to take some pictures of Anderson on the beach in a tight jumpsuit. It is worth noting that she looked just gorgeous and the actress was impossible to look away. Beautiful woman. beautiful at any age! Like it? Tell your friends: Share with your friendsRead More →

The second (actually third) series of «Jumanji» was named «New level». We are afraid that soon every critic will begin to inquire of the pun «and did the film to a new level?». Therefore, we respond quickly — to a new level failed. But not sagged at the same time. Previous picture came out exactly two years ago, so it is logical to assume that the new hurried off without much thought, creative anguish, and creative debates. No time to ponder the box office at the booths themselves will not collect! First to mind come the authors, then removed. And came up with a storyRead More →

The movie got into the disposal RostovGazeta, editorial posted it on YouTube. According to the publication, it was at the Shell petrol station in Rostov-on-don. Before us the conflict of the road or yards vulgaris. Alas, history is silent, what happened between the drivers. Clearly we can assume one thing when the other one’s mother in childhood spoke «Any dispute can be resolved with words!», he apparently went out to smoke behind the garages. Barely it jumped, lavishing anger and blasphemy, the driver and passenger of the car of the opponent and began to pour out emotional pain, he uncovered his fist and with oneRead More →

Two police officers from the Kaliningrad region decided to play the colleagues from another Department. With the help of photoshop and imagination they sardili an order directing the MVD to cut out Christmas snowflakes «to set the mood of the personnel and citizens.» However, pranksters quickly exposed. The following evening the scanned order appeared in public «police Ombudsman». Chief of police Colonel A. M Sitski called the police for questioning and recorded on video. They gave a confession, just wanted to make a joke, but «a colleague believed and cut out snowflakes». In punishment police forced also to cut out snowflake Department. Colonel in theRead More →

There are characters that even the most terrifying or stupid situations, not showing off. They are truly terrible people… 1. 2. Gifs with iron self-control 3. 4. 5. Poor Ben Affleck 6. And let the whole world wait! 7. 8. 9. 10. There it is… right now hand chop off 11. The level of apathy old man and the telephone 12. In any strange situation, play the guitar 13. Or… 14. That these people allow themselves? 15. Iron shutter! 16. 17. Ebola-simboli… Stopped here to rest 18. 19. What is going on here?Read More →

You may have heard that a couple of days ago in Prague with great fanfare, was presented the fourth generation Skoda Octavia, a European best-seller, the premiere which was expected, probably even more than showing another «Golf». «Octavia», as expected, was forced to take another small step on the way to premium: fashionable options, digital salon, elegant dvuhsvetny the wheel… And of course the new design. Not a revolution there: the Czechs are not fools to scare conservative buyers stylistic experiments. But Octavia is definitely starting to look a lot more solid. Skoda separately are proud to have been able, without changing fundamentally the designRead More →

Tardigrades — tiny creatures, whose amazing survival in the most extreme conditions allows them to easily be even under high ionizing radiation thousands of times higher than the lethal dose for humans. If tardigrades have so sensitive properties, why don’t we use their DNA in order to combine it with our cells and become more resilient during colonization of other planets? Tardigrades on Mars Everyone knows that harmful cosmic rays, radiation and weightlessness have a strong negative impact on the health of astronauts during their stay outside of our home planet. Despite this, Chris Mason, a geneticist and Professor of physiology and Biophysics at CornellRead More →

Поделиться с друзьями Фав Одна зенитка и семь солдат против двадцати танков. Позади — Москва. Но орудие Гайка Шадунца сумело остановить врага. А потом его история легла в основу фильма «У твоего порога». О подвиге артиллеристов и о том, как снять лучшее военное кино, — в нашей статье. Москва — последний рубеж В конце ноября 1941 года немцы прорвали советскую оборону на северо-западе от Москвы, взяли Клин и Солнечногорск. Тридцатого ноября пала Красная Поляна. До Кремля — около 35 километров. До окружной железной дороги — всего 25. Однако отчаянное сопротивление советских войск, даже попавших в окружение, привело к тому, что на Рогачёвском шоссе — кратчайшем пути к Москве — возник настоящий «слоёный пирог». И немецкие танки просто не могли промчаться в излюбленном стиле к советской столице. Поэтому гитлеровцам надо было во чтоRead More →

Share with your friends FAV To admire the flight of space fighters from «Star wars» is now possible not only on screen but in reality. And these fighters are shrouded in mystery not worse than the ancient holocron Jedi not even know how and what they did. On the ninth of December 2019, the magazine «Popular mechanics» told about the latest Florida amusement Park «Disney world». It’s called «the rise of resistance» on the new trilogy of «Star wars» and is notable because during the show in the sky soar two most of these space fighter X-Wing. [embedded content] Know about these devices a little.Read More →

Share with your friends FAV The main rule of a German machine gunner on the Eastern front — don’t sleep the machine gun! Otherwise, come evil Russian spies, take away the gun and lifted the prisoner. That’s what happened with Wehrmacht corporal Harry Pannier, sleeping on duty one December night in 1942. «Predatory animals» of the Soviet intelligence The German command constantly urged to be vigilant of their soldiers on the Eastern front. It startled them Soviet intelligence officers who, like «wild beasts», dragged from the trenches sleeping soldiers prisoner. Military intelligence of the red army does not give the enemy to sleep. Disturbing theRead More →