Scientists from the University of Carnegie-Melona has developed a database of memes for the blind with audio and text description. Because of this people with visual impairments can not only accept memes, but create your own. In the world is home to around 1.3 billion people with visual impairments. They can’t fully enjoy the modern web, because websites are increasingly featured images, not text, on which designed a great piece of software for the blind. In addition, each year a growing array of memes that are an integral part of modern online culture. In order for memes became available for the blind, runs a researchRead More →

In the eighties in our country, work began on the development of advanced tank guns of increased calibre, capable of providing a dramatic increase in firepower. Were studied the concept of caliber guns 130, 140 and 152 mm in different species. All projects involved the construction of a 152-mm systems. In just a few years was created and new guns and tanks for them. The latter had a number of characteristic features due to characteristics of weapons.Experienced «Object 292» with a gun LP-83. Photo PL-83 «Object 292» One of the first developments of a new class were smoothbore 152mm cannon LP-83, which is theRead More →

British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle officially announced the decision to give up the financial privileges put to them by the status and to earn independently. Forbes Life understands what it really means and what the couple will live Wednesday, January 8th, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (better known outside of Britain as Prince Harry and Megan Markle) announced on its website and in social networks that depart from the Royal Affairs and responsibilities and will soon be working on becoming financially independent and live on two continents — in the UK and North America. What was said in the statement HarryRead More →

“I had enough of that he became a chimney sweep, so he had a good profession, good wife and children, and that he lived a normal quiet life. But let us now see what a son I got! King. All he rejoice, the boys on the street stopped him and called by name, «Adriano, Adriano» when he opens his mouth, everybody starts to laugh, and when he sings, it starts around crazy. I thought he of all my children was the only one who couldn’t sing, who had not the slightest idea how to sing it, Adriano!” – from an interview with the mother ofRead More →

Поделиться с друзьями Фав Чехам не повезло с военно-морской историей по объективным причинам: в центре Европы нет морей. Однако одно морское сражение они на свой счёт записать могут. Почти морское. По сюрреалистичности оно достойно баек бравого солдата Швейка. Чехи победили венгров на волнах Байкала и тем самым обеспечили победу белых в Восточной Сибири. Гражданская война на востоке России началась с того, что не в меру ретивый венгр кинул чугунной чушкой в чеха. Это стало последней каплей. Уже «закипавший» чехословацкий корпус взорвался — и стал завоёвывать Сибирь. В занятых им городах начали формироваться антибольшевистские войска. Пламя контрреволюции двинулось на запад и особенно на восток: легионеры хотели не столько воевать с коммунистами, сколько добраться до Владивостока и отправиться бить австрийцев с немцами. На их пути стояли красные отряды Центрального исполнительногоRead More →

Share with your friends FAV The first wing with a purely female personnel created the air force of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of defence hopes that it will serve as an example and draws on the ranks of the armed forces is more than women. The nineteenth of January 2020, the newspaper Saudi Gazette announced on its official website about the formation of the women’s wing in the air force of Saudi Arabia. The newly created military unit personally visited the chief of the General staff of Saudi Arabia Lieutenant General Fayyad bin Hamed al-Ruwaili. According to the Ministry of defense, the wing was createdRead More →

It is for such moments of figure skating fans who suffer beastly cold in the stands, the high cost of tickets, that for the sake of the competition they have to pass 789 series «Matchmakers», and other hardships! All happened in the championship of Canada during the rhythm of dance is one of the leading dance duos in the country’s Piper Gilles — Paul Poirier. It seemed that the skater did everything to make what happened not happened, Babylons not cheat, but the jacket partner was smarter. In the performance of Gilles another trick of her head was dangerously close to the lapel and hairRead More →

A film about the VEGA brothers Tarantino has never hid the fact that Vic VEGA from «reservoir dogs» played by Michael Madsen’s character and John Travolta Vincent VEGA from pulp fiction are brothers. But few people know that in 2007 the Director was planning to shoot the movie Double V Vega. The action is supposed to happen when Vincent is in charge of one of the clubs of Marcellus Wallace in Amsterdam, and Vic came to visit him. Since both characters died in the films, Tarantino could make just a prequel, and it is complicated by the fact that since the release of «reservoir dogs»Read More →

Someone probably believes that the company Rolls-Royce produces the most prestigious and high-status cars in the world. But the British themselves have a somewhat different opinion. They do not make cars. They develop and produce vehicles with a higher level. Those in the English language called the word Motor car. In Russian, to be honest, it’s quite difficult to translate. The closest to the truth option would be, perhaps, the «motorized carriage», but it does not fully reflect the majestic status «rolls-Royce». As a brand of the British crew managed to climb so high above the system — entirely separate conversation. We are now moreRead More →