Veronika Skvortsova believes that in two weeks we can talk about the decline of the epidemic in RussiaPhoto: Alexander Konstantinov © URA.RU news from the plot Coronavirus COVID-19 The head of the Federal medico-biological Agency of Russia Veronika Skvortsova suggested that within 10-14 days the situation with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 will come to a plateau (the situation when for several days the number of new cases of a disease during an epidemic is on the same level — approx. ed.) and then will go on recession. However, she stressed that such a scenario will be observed if the country will continue toRead More →

Seem to be one of the most popular Chinese brands of consumer electronics has embarked on the path of an advertising war. On the box of the European version of the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro printed inscription «with easy access to Google applications that you use most often». And it’s pretty evil mockery of the company, compatriot Huawei.Read More →

The steering wheel of the car is the most frequently used element of the cabin. To compete with him in the issue of «popularity» may perhaps the gear lever and Parking brake. The main problem is that over time, the steering wheel loses its original appearance. To correct this sad situation is possible in just 5-10 minutes with tools that with great probability to have in every home. «Donut» started its original appearance? No need to worry about it, the steering wheel can be returned to its former glory with the help of one «old-fashioned» method. In most cases it is enough to touch upRead More →

Despite the fact that the excitement around cryptocurrencies and mining-farms subsided a bit, the world is still development in this promising field. Recently Microsoft has announced that it invented a new way of hashing the token with the help of sports and mental activity. American technology giant decided not to pigeonhole and patented his idea until it used by someone else. According to the description of the invention mining will be carried out during physical activity or in the process of mental concentration when reading. To monitor the parameters of the body are special sensors that will need to fix on the body. They canRead More →

Travelling became the norm for any modern man. In the realities of the twenty-first century, borders are almost nonexistent. With a great desire, it’s easy to get the opportunity to go to any country. But the budget often can not cover all features necessary to give preference to the most valuable options and tickets searchwhich takes place through the Internet, are not purchased so often. Better to spend time finding the most attractive option for the implementation of an unforgettable journey. How to blog for travel help? In order to prioritize, you should familiarize yourself with the interactive world map on the website ClickingRead More →

Около половины населения Земли сейчас крайне редко покидают дом. Но как-то же нужно развлекаться без прогулок, походов в кафе и путешествий? Люди по всему миру участвуют в сетевом флешмобе #tussenkunstenquarantaine. Они повторяют героев и композиции известных и не очень картин, постеров, плакатов и знаменитых кадров из кино. Как появился этот флешмоб, мы уже рассказали в <a href="" data-title="Изоизоляция: военные шедевры антивирусного флешмоба" data-src="/system/images/000/215/585/teaser/2993d5a761fd50846bc78fa74f6c079e600020e4.jpg?1586173249" data-lead="Мир, засевший в самоизоляции от коронавируса, скучает — и сеть захлестнул флешмоб #tussenkunstenquarantaine. Сидящие на карантине изображают с помощью подручных предметов и тонн самоиронии картины, кадры из фильмов, знаменитые фото, скульптуры — и всё, что в голову взбредёт. Мы не могли пройти мимо этого безобразия применительно к военному и околовоенному искусству. » title>первой части. Мы насмотрелись на множество отличных кадров и решили, что наши авторы тоже кое-что могут. Итак. Михаил Котов с детстваRead More →

The journal Catholic Herald reportedthat hospice Sovereign military order of the knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, better known simply as «the order of Malta», joined the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. Looking at the variegated robes and archaic armor of the hospital with photographs of the annual parade, you might think that this is some kind of joke. Not a drop. The order of Malta is not just a funny «toy» state with knights, ladies, and Grand master. It is also more than a hundred hospitals across the planet, twenty thousand health workers is not to the medievalRead More →

On the sixth of April 2020 the US President Donald trump saidthat «Americans should have the right to engage in commercial research, production and use of resources in outer space in accordance with the applicable law.» Want — on the moon minerals mined, I want to — Mars oil rig set, and if the desire, then tomorrow 30 000 drillers would slip from their seats and will fly to the asteroid belt for platinum, gold and other useful things. What do you mean? America continues to shake the epidemic of the coronavirus (as of the sixth April 2020 in the United States was 367 507Read More →