In the second half of the 30-ies, rapidly growing Wehrmacht was seriously thinking about the conquest of the Eastern lands. But the pragmatic Germans were aware that to conquer these lands, where the concept «road»is not in principle, but winter snow can be an insurmountable barrier to any equipment in addition to caterpillar, will require new types of all-terrain vehicles. One of these machines was unique caterpillar motorcycle BMW Speziel Tr500 «Schneekrad» («Schnee», «snow», «krad» – abbr. from the “Kraftrad” – motorcycle)from the company BMW. This unit was created on the basis of a motorcycle BMW R12 and was built in a single copy. Unfortunately,Read More →

Some of our favorite «healthy» foods you should not eat. /Photo: s.s-bol.somw recent years significantly increased interest in healthy eating. Many try to consume more fresh juices, foods rich in vitamins. However, in this course there are pitfalls: not all the advertised and popular products as useful as we think. To avoid problems with health will help a selection of tips that will shed light on food and beverages that require special care. Juices are not as useful as many think Even healthy foods can cause harm. /Photo: mir24.tvОсобой popularity always enjoyed orange juice, which contains a rich amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. However,Read More →

The ban applies to visitors of the ice townPhoto: Igor Merkulov © URA.RU At the ice camp in the Central square of Kurgan you can’t eat snow and ice. A sign with this paragraph found the correspondent of «URA.RU». At the information booth noted that «on the territory of the ice town it is forbidden […] to eat the snow and ice.» «Failure to comply with the visitation rules of the town, the town administration and the security service have the right to prohibit the presence on campus, to carry out the expulsion from campus and, if necessary, detention (in accordance with the legislation)», —Read More →

The Chelyabinsk United Russia has suspended the consultation for the electionPhoto: Vadim Akhmetov © URA.RU The leader of the Chelyabinsk regional branch of the party «United Russia», Chairman of the legislative Assembly of the region Vladimir Myakush was not to conduct a series of private meetings to prepare for the elections by the SOA and local authorities, which will be held in September. As reported «URA.RU» surrounded by Makusha, the speaker of the legislative Assembly on 20 January held hardware meeting, but no introduction on the formation of staff not announced. «It was expected that in Moscow he will hold consultations in the EP, andRead More →

The city administration has changed the terms of reference for the organization of celebratory salute to the Victory Day in 2019 after signing contractPhoto: Anastasia Yakovleva © URA.RU Perm FAS opened an Antimonopoly case against MAU «Agency of socio-cultural projects» (ASP — structural unit of the municipality), said «URA.RU» in a press-Department service. They explained that we are talking about irregularities in the conduct of the auction on the organization of fireworks for the Victory Day in 2019. «As a result of the changes, the cost of services could be significantly lower than 595 thousand rubles. So, one of the contestants in the terms ofRead More →

Share with your friends FAV Fighter pilots — perhaps the most «glamorous» heroes of the world wars. They hoarded personal victory was in sight from educators and fellow citizens. The work of the bombers often heavier, and fame — less. But was their celebrity among the bombers. One of the brightest representatives — in the material WARHEAD.SU. Trial, error and hurtful bruises Before the war, the strategic bombing theorists like Giulio douhet drew an apocalyptic picture of aerial bombardment, comparable to the talk about nuclear war in the 60-ies. Mass attacks on residential neighborhoods began not at once. At first the General was showered leafletsRead More →

Share with your friends FAV The fourth type of aircraft carrier «Gerald R. Ford», which will be built for the U.S. Navy, will receive the name of Doris Miller — the heroic sailor saved during the Japanese attack on pearl Harbor, several of his colleagues and shot down an enemy plane. However, not everyone agrees that it is appropriate to the aircraft carrier named in honor of the sailor, not the Admiral, Senator or President. Seventeenth January 2020 site Star Advertiser reportedthat the fourth type of aircraft carrier «Gerald R. Ford», scheduled to be built, will receive the name of Doris Miller — hero ofRead More →