Superservice will reduce the number of officials and get rid of red tapePhoto: Dmitry Tkachuk © URA.RU article story Coronavirus COVID-19 An outbreak of coronavirus in Russia and its related constraints may push the country to the reduction of officials working in the public services. On change by it will come to online services, the relevance of which was reaffirmed during a pandemic. Now there is a development of 25 so-called superservice, which are considered the next step in the development of the portal of public services. In the Russian regions, 2019 began to be tested first superservice. The programs allow people to receive servicesRead More →

In the Sverdlovsk region has increased the amount of fines for violation of the isolationPhoto: Alexander Kulakovskiy © URA.RU news from the plot Coronavirus COVID-19 Today, April 10 — 121-th day since the discovery of the coronavirus and the 31st — with the announcement of the pandemic. In the Sverdlovsk region, according to the website stopmanager.Russia, currently 59 cases. Sverdlovsk oblast continues to hold the lead in the number of infected among the Large territories of the Urals. According to this indicator the region takes the ninth place in the country and is detached from the Ural neighbors: KHMAO (41), Russia (41), Chelyabinsk (34), TyumenRead More →

The coronavirus can lead to increased activity of terroristsPhoto: Vladimir Gavrikov © URA.RU news from the plot Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic coronavirus in addition to threats to health and life of humans, may cause an increase in violence and social unrest, and terrorism. This was stated by UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres to the Security Council meeting. The spread of coronavirus, according to the Secretary General, destabilizie the situation in the world and pushes certain forces to the unrest. «This can lead to the escalation of violence and perhaps to disastrous miscalculations», — quotes Guterres, RIA «Novosti». This, according to the Secretary General, will enhance the ongoingRead More →

The surveillance of a subscriber can go different ways. But if you do not use the equipment from the operator, it is usually the criminals they are. The phone starts a little differently to work, giving background activity. Let’s evaluate basic characteristics. Smartphone suddenly began to rapidly discharge. Possible cause – the launch of the uncontrolled application. Spyware is «sharpened» to act as hidden as possible, but without power they can not do. The device is not heated during a conversation, or other use, and in passive mode – another sign that operates some kind of program, spending resources. Smartphone without your commands power off,Read More →

And if so, how to transfer your memory? Because in the process of metamorphosis, some bodies are destroyed and appear quite different. It is possible that butterflies really remember the stage, the larvae. Even proof there. At least females fruit ermine moths, tobacco hawk moth, euproctis chrysorrhoea and willow satin moth prefer to lay eggs on the plant species, which were fed at the stage of caterpillar. They tend to need, that is the one that will serve as food for caterpillars of the next generation. And it’s much easier to females life. Scientists have put forward different hypotheses about how the butterflies are ableRead More →

Architectural Bureau Zaitter Bruno has designed a small house of 50 square meters within the hotel accommodation in the South of Brazil. Set in a picturesque location near the Atlantic forest, the object strives for unity with nature. Large Windows allow man to live in comfort and security, thus completely dissolving in the nature.The concept of minimal impact on the natural environment has created the clean angles and facades with a small number of elements. Structurally, the project is based on re-use as the primary volume of sea container lengths of 12 meters. Likewise been made use of metal and wood.The tree is also usedRead More →

Suppose that you are a fan of Victor Hugo. We are very tolerant in the editorial, we all accept and respect their tastes. And understand that the second third of «Les Miserables» the book became like a sponge from the bitter tears shed for the ideas of the French revolutionaries. Japanese nick on Twitter @Deeeeese7 shared how to cite a book in order, after she was completely wet. She admits it was a bad idea to read manga while lying in the bath, but explains how to fix it. ①お風呂に落とした本②ジップロックの封をしないで冷凍庫へ③丸一日凍らしてカチコチに④重石に挟み解凍したら大復活! 読める、読めるぞ! 教えてもらってありがとうございました!!#死に戻り — ディーズ (@Deeeeese7) 5 April 2020. Let drain in a book; PutRead More →

Sometimes even if you really want, it is still impossible. Even if you’ve got the resources and the support of the audience, and will power. As reported on Twitter, the ESPN journalist Brett Okamoto Director of the UFC, Dana white decided to cancel the UFC 249, which was held on April 18. The announcement was accompanied by a small interview with a very guilty kind of Dayna: Initially the main fight of tournament was supposed to be meeting Habib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. But after the beginning of the isolation period in Russia, the Dagestani fighter has been kept in Russia (we will remind thatRead More →

A group of Australian scientists from the Institute of SOI was able to capture a very strange glubokovodnoi thing called siphonophora. Their discovery researchers have published in Twitter. The researchers decided not bother to siphonophora roulette, but prikinuli on the eye that its length must be around 47 meters. In a long thread of comments, the researchers added video some facts. Scientists believe that siphonophora in this position eats. Someone said. The survey conducted at a depth of 630 meters. This is not the only kind of siphonophore, is 160 individuals of this type. However, someone managed to capture for the first time.Read More →

2020 year paused movie premieres, but there’s no doubt that the pandemic coronavirus will be defeated and life will return to normal. This means that there will be new movies and among them expected a lot of interesting fiction, like the tens, which we’ll talk about this time. However, among new releases the year 2020 there will be those who are already officially postponed to 2021-th…Read More →