Obvious signs that your phone is hacked and listen (7 photos)


The surveillance of a subscriber can go different ways. But if you do not use the equipment from the operator, it is usually the criminals they are. The phone starts a little differently to work, giving background activity. Let’s evaluate basic characteristics.

Smartphone suddenly began to rapidly discharge. Possible cause – the launch of the uncontrolled application. Spyware is «sharpened» to act as hidden as possible, but without power they can not do.

The device is not heated during a conversation, or other use, and in passive mode – another sign that operates some kind of program, spending resources.

Smartphone without your commands power off, reboot, dial number or run application. Often this is not the fault of the operating system, and compromised.

The opposite situation: you can’t turn off the smartphone. Instead of turning off it opens different applications, backlights and the like.

In the call log, there was an unknown number. Or you get a TEXT message from a friend of the subscriber, but they look strange – for example, start with a meaningless set of letters or even symbols such as squares. It’s likely that messages sent by the hacker. Open the message and your phone will download the virus program. Where the attacker got your number? He’s probably already hacked the smartphone of your friend and uses his contacts list.

During the phone conversation you are having interference or echo. Or you get a call and then «hang up». It is not always caused by network operator: it is possible that someone actively tries to enter in your smartphone.

How to protect yourself

Put a password on your phone. Do not use a mode of remembering passwords for logging into apps or websites.

Charging your phone through an unfamiliar computer, when you connect, select the option «Only food».

Disable auto connection to Wi-Fi hotspots. Choose them yourself and ignore the network with suspicious names. Prefer access point is password protected.

Do not make purchase or transfer money, using the Internet access public Wi-Fi network.

If your smartphone runs on the Android operating system, install reliable anti-virus. Take the phone to a service center for comprehensive inspection for presence of harmful programs.


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