Superservice: cut officials after the victory over coronavirus?

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Superservice will reduce the number of officials and get rid of red tapePhoto: Dmitry Tkachuk © URA.RU

An outbreak of coronavirus in Russia and its related constraints may push the country to the reduction of officials working in the public services. On change by it will come to online services, the relevance of which was reaffirmed during a pandemic. Now there is a development of 25 so-called superservice, which are considered the next step in the development of the portal of public services.

In the Russian regions, 2019 began to be tested first superservice. The programs allow people to receive services without paper documents and queues, but at the expense of artificial intelligence themselves recognize that the user needs in his life situation, select the services, are reminded of the provisions of the payment and send a notification when it’s ready.

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Deputy Minister Maxim Parshin year ago reported on the work of over 25 superservice
Photo: Vadim Akhmetov © URA.RU

«We have formulated a 25 superservices that cover basic life situations of citizens and businesses and at least 90% of their contacts with the state. They laid out about 200 individual services Federal, regional and municipal level,» — said a year ago, «Kommersant» Deputy head of the Ministry of communications Maxim Parshin. Since then, in a pilot mode in some regions was launched five superservices: «child Birth», «admission to the University online», «Moving to another region.» «The loss of a loved one» and «the Digital Executive production».

According to the plans, the implementation of all superservices should be completed by 2024. However, the President of ANO «Smart city» Artem Ermolaev does not exclude that they may accelerate the outbreak of coronavirus showed state the relevance of such programs. «Services are regional and Federal. For example, in Moscow the accrual of social benefits occurs with almost no human intervention. Fills in one application, the town further finds all of the documents, carries out checks and pays money to the card. This was particularly true during the early stages when people need to sit at home, not to risk your health,» said URA.RU Ermolaev.

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Widespread online services will save the Russians from the queue
Photo: Vladimir Gavrikov © URA.RU

While Ermolaev noted that the large-scale introduction of new Internet services may lead to reduction of officials, which in 2019 in the country, there were about 2.4 million. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the number of civil servants working in the field of public services, may be reduced by 70%.

«The government is not profitable to provide services in offline, because you need to include officials who receive applications, eyes all compare and make a decision — deny or allow. The challenge is how to convey this algorithm machine — explained Ermolaev. Doesn’t mean that all fired, but the extra processes will be excluded».

Independent HR expert Alexander Sivogrivov in an interview with the Agency confirmed that the demand for officials in years will fall. «Speaking globally, our world, and without a pandemic coronavirus is thus when automation replaces all the routine work,» said Sivogrivov. However, the expert noted, even a long time will be needed consultants to work with the elderly.

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Over 10 years of website services was filed and completed more than 325 million different applications
Photo: Alexander Kulakovskiy © URA.RU

That among Russians there is a growing demand for public Internet services and says the official statistics. In 2019 the portal of state services were filed and completed over 145 million different applications (data of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation), while in all the 10 years of service, the number was 325 million. «The number of services rendered from the beginning of 2020 compared to the fourth quarter of 2019 has increased by more than 12 million Increase statistics uniform. The most popular remains the service record on reception to the doctor — from the beginning, she has used almost 28 million times. Around 8.7 million times that users requested via the portal of public services information about the size of pension savings. For entry in children there were almost 2.9 million applications,» he said URA.RU in a press-service of the portal.

At the same time, the residents saved the query on improving the quality of Internet services. Earlier URA.RU reportedthat Moscow real estate agents stopped selling apartments after the capital management of Federal registration service has temporarily abandoned the paperwork and closed the MFC. The news Agency operating in the real estate market, talked about the fact that the electronic registration «overloaded». However, in management of Federal registration service of the Agency said then that there are no problems there. Today, the Department shared with URA.RU statistics, according to which held in March 113,5 thousand registration activities — 14.5 thousand more than in February.

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