Do you remember butterfly days when they were caterpillars?


And if so, how to transfer your memory? Because in the process of metamorphosis, some bodies are destroyed and appear quite different.

It is possible that butterflies really remember the stage, the larvae. Even proof there. At least females fruit ermine moths, tobacco hawk moth, euproctis chrysorrhoea and willow satin moth prefer to lay eggs on the plant species, which were fed at the stage of caterpillar. They tend to need, that is the one that will serve as food for caterpillars of the next generation. And it’s much easier to females life.

Scientists have put forward different hypotheses about how the butterflies are able to select the kind of plants they ate as caterpillars. As a result, the majority concluded that the reason is simple memorization. Caterpillars produces a conditioned reflex linking the smell of a particular plant species with food. When the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, reflex is. Although the transfer process difficult.Stage larvae, that is caterpillars, and adult insect butterflies (and beetles, flies and other insects with complete metamorphosis) separated by a pupal stage. At this point, most of the larval organs and tissues is destroyed, and the resulting nutrients are used for growth and development of organs of the adult insect, that is, metamorphosis. However, the Central nervous system, ensuring the existence of conditioned reflexes, breaks the least and continues to function throughout metamorphosis. Therefore, it can serve as a carrier of information about the smell of the feed, which is transmitted from caterpillar to butterfly. By the way, you know that among butterflies there are real travellers? Some types to overcome in his life more than one thousand kilometers!

And the last one. Butterflies are not the only one who prefers to eat the same plants that their caterpillars. The same ability to have certain kinds of beetles and flies, including the fruit fly, Drosophila.

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