Coronavirus in the Sverdlovsk region: at the door of the house fined on 5 thousand roubles. Latest news April 10,

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In the Sverdlovsk region has increased the amount of fines for violation of the isolationPhoto: Alexander Kulakovskiy © URA.RU

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Coronavirus COVID-19

Today, April 10 — 121-th day since the discovery of the coronavirus and the 31st — with the announcement of the pandemic. In the Sverdlovsk region, according to the website stopmanager.Russia, currently 59 cases.

Sverdlovsk oblast continues to hold the lead in the number of infected among the Large territories of the Urals. According to this indicator the region takes the ninth place in the country and is detached from the Ural neighbors: KHMAO (41), Russia (41), Chelyabinsk (34), Tyumen (19) and Kurgan (2) regions. The epidemic in the Sverdlovsk region is developing according to the «European» scenario, when the number of infected is growing steadily, but with no sudden bursts. Only in Russia was 10 131 (+1 459) case, 698 people were cured, 76 people died.

In the Sverdlovsk region fined violators of the quarantine

From April 10, in the Urals, came into force a law on fines for failure to comply with «isolation». Now, those who leave home without adequate grounds can be fined for the sum from three to five thousand rubles.

Governor Kuyvashev softened the quarantine in the Urals

On the background of the new decree on fines, the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Yevgeny Kuyvashev announced on elaboration of options for how you can make life easier for entrepreneurs, and in particular to mitigate quarantine measures. Mayor of Yekaterinburg Alexander Vysokinskiy believes that the easing of the quarantine will not affect the Ural capital. According to him, the concessions will affect the cities where there are infected with coronavirus. In them, for example, can allow the work of hairdressers and clothing stores.

One of the passengers on the train from St. Petersburg suspected coronavirus

In Ekaterinburg on the morning of 10 April to the train from St. Petersburg arrived a convoy of ambulances. One of the passengers had symptoms COVID-19. Physicians entering the car, were dressed in protective suits. Official confirmation of this information yet, but we know that the train took off the elderly woman.

In the Sverdlovsk region — a new development of coronavirus. Threatened the whole city

In the Upper Salda (Sverdlovsk region) with coronavirus were hospitalized, one of the top-managers of Corporation «VSMPO-AVISMA». He had previously been discharged from the quarantine and went to work with negative tests for the virus. Now threatened the entire Upper Salda — the number of patients exposed to high.

The coronavirus has infected four children

According to representatives of the regional operational headquarters, the main part of people infected with coronavirus that causes middle-aged people who actively traveled abroad. Among them, four children, whose parents are also infected. According to the Deputy of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Pavel Krekov, it is the «family transmission» will prevail in the future.

A family with three children went to live in the woods to escape from the coronavirus

In the Sverdlovsk region in the village of Krasnogvardeyskoye family with three children went to live in the woodsto wait out the pandemic coronavirus. Residents had planned from time to time to get back to town for groceries. Children and their parents have been in the woods day, but later went on their trail, the police and returned them to the village.

Sverdlovsk authorities four times increased the number of studies on coronavirus

Laboratory on the territory of Sverdlovsk region increased its capacity to hold 2,000 studies per day. A total of eight laboratories. Power will grow in the future

On the roads of Yekaterinburg appeared the first tube during the quarantine

Ekaterinburg, April 10, saw the first tube during the quarantine. Automobile congestion in the morning was observed on the streets of Cosmonauts, Shevchenko, and Perekrestok, connecting the Central street of the city. Along with the increasing traffic on the roads has increased and the price tag on a taxi.

A tourist from the Urals with a year-old child stuck in Bali with no money

Because of the coronavirus, a resident of Yekaterinburg with her daughter got stuck in Bali. The girl already ran out of money, and flights to Russia is not expected yet. According to the girl, material support is given only to those tourists who have «burned out» tickets. Maria is not one of them.

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