The UN Secretary General stated about the terrorist threat because of the coronavirus

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The coronavirus can lead to increased activity of terroristsPhoto: Vladimir Gavrikov © URA.RU

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Coronavirus COVID-19

Pandemic coronavirus in addition to threats to health and life of humans, may cause an increase in violence and social unrest, and terrorism. This was stated by UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres to the Security Council meeting.

The spread of coronavirus, according to the Secretary General, destabilizie the situation in the world and pushes certain forces to the unrest. «This can lead to the escalation of violence and perhaps to disastrous miscalculations», — quotes Guterres, RIA «Novosti». This, according to the Secretary General, will enhance the ongoing war and complicate the already difficult fight COVID-19.

Also infection can cause the activation of international terrorists. According to Gutterish, terrorists can take advantage of the fact that the attention of the international community to the pandemic, writes «Ridus«.

The Secretary General notes that the pandemic COVID-19 showed that most States were not ready to fight with such viruses, which in turn, demonstrates what could happen in the event of a terrorist attack using biological weapons.

In addition, the spread of coronavirus to cause delays for different elections and referendums, says Guterres. This can lead to political tension, said the Secretary General. He noted that important decisions should be preceded by a discussion whose aim should be the achievement of consensus.

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