Why on the knife blade there is a notch on the arm


If you look at hunting, fishing and military knives, you will notice one very curious detail. In the place where the handle goes into the blade, often there is a small notch. Obviously, it is made not simply so, and for the solution of some practical goals. It’s time to understand the issue and understand why the item is not on all knives, if it is really so important.

The stupid part is the heel or ricasso. |Photo: yandex.com.

As an example, you can choose any traditional model of the Bowie knife. If you look closely at it, you will notice that between the handle and the sharpened portion of the blade has a small statoconia the site adjacent to the Garda. This seal is called the ricasso. It is considered that the ricasso first appeared in Western European bladed weapons somewhere in the XIV-XV centuries.

Delineates the blade. |Photo: stan-knife.ru.

The ricasso was done primarily with swords, broadswords and Feliciano in order to improve the manageability and usability of the weapon in combat. Detail proved so effective and popular that it began to place nearly any bladed weapon, including rapiers, daggers and knives. In some cases, the ricasso is adapted in order to be able to put your index finger. In this case, not sharpened part has the characteristic curve and indentation.

The recess under the finger on the blade. |Photo: popgun.ru.

Thus if you go through a lot of knives, we can also notice that on some of them right on the ricasso there is a small notch — Dulko. What is it for? Only in order to distinguish between a heel of the knife and the sharpened part of the blade. It’s kind of a «touch guard» which gives you a hand to understand that then there is a sharp part of the blade. Is the hole in those situations where the ricasso becomes a blacksmith in podbelceva notch. In addition, Dulko demonstrates how far next time you need to sharpen the blade so as not to spoil the heel.

All for convenience. ¦Photo: poutama.of the Russian Federation.

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