How easy it is to sharpen knives for meat grinder without the use of special tools


It became difficult to turn the handle of the grinder? Most likely the reason for this is that the knife has lost its former sharpness. In this situation only one thing – to be armed with a suitable tool and sharpen roundels like they just came from the factory. But what to do in situation when special tools for sharpening knives myasorubka in the house is not close. The answer is simple – out with the use of improvised means.

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What you will need: toothpicks, construction tape, laminate the remainder of the chipboard, sandpaper of different grit, cloth, container, vinegar

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The first thing you need to clean the blades from the grinder, if they for some reason were not cleaned on time. It is best to use some detergent, and then rinse several times with warm or cold water. Don’t forget about drying your blades with a towel. Also, knives should be cleaned from rust, if it have already appeared. To cope with the corrosion can ordinary 9-percent vinegar.

Tip: in order to expedite this process, you should change the vinegar every 2-3 several hours. If there is rust in the holes of the blade, that you can use to clean the toothpick.

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After blade settles in vinegar, wash them and dry them again. The last will help of waffle towels. Next, armed with sandpaper. Turn it into a tube and insert into the holes. It is possible to spread the paper on the nail for easier clean-up procedure. Once cleaned and sharpened each hole, you can move on to the next stage.

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Take a piece of laminated particle Board, glue a few strips of duct tape, and it in turn fasten a large sheet of sandpaper. Fix as much as possible, and then put our blade and begin to carry it back and forth until, until it zahochetsya. To improve and speed up the procedure, it is recommended to use sandpaper of different grit from 180 to 1500. Polishing continues until, until the blade begins to Shine.

Finish sharpening the same procedure is repeated with masarbones knife.

Hard sharpen. /Photo:


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