Will we be able to survive without the Internet?


Do you think we’re still the same people that roamed the earth thousands of years, or we become a new society — the society ONLINE? Almost like in the cult movie the Matrix. I have long thought that we are very dependent on the Internet, but wonder how. Let’s look at the truth, terrible and terrible virus forced us to stay home, not go out and often to go to work. Let’s try to analyze how our life has changed and how it depends on Its Majesty the Internet?

I’m home for 24 days, go outside to walk the dog for 5 minutes and coming back. So the whole country lives where I live now (Spain). And I think people do not feel discomfort, quite the contrary — our society has become to love to be online. People can respond or not to respond to calls and SMS, to defer a decision on any task for later, and just pretend that they’re not or they’re busy (I’m already 2 days did not meet one person on the message in the Telegram, I do not want). Unlike offline life is not a test. What does your friend now, what is he doing? Asleep or simply ignores your call?

What really scares me is the possible problem if the Internet connection breaks or you turn it off. Just imagine that we are dependent on a strange thing called the Internet, invented 40 years ago at 100%. We will not be able to order food, buy groceries, call a friend or send email, listen to music, watch a movie. What do we do? As we talk, sitting at home in quarantine? Modern house is not equipped with radio or telephone with wires, these technologies are quickly forgotten. They were almost there.

Mobile voice communication is essentially the same Internet, if you do not go into technical details

But if you dig deeper? Now on the planet a lot of empty cities. People sit at home, watch movies and listen to music on the Internet (hell, in our house, not even CDs or cassettes).

Off the Internet, we face not only problems with music and video. Police, fire departments, power plants and even military depend on His Majesty the Internet. What can we say about physicians who take the data about drugs and treatments on the Internet. Not because they are bad doctors, just information has become very much: people can’t remember everything.

Communications will fail — will not be able to understand where and what is happening now, the chaos begins. Before the boy with the newspaper ran in NY and shouted «the company’s Shares tumbled XXX, fresh room the fresh room!», but we can’t leave the house to buy a newspaper (or rather leave it we can, just not sold). There is an option to shout from the balcony to the balcony of course, but the speed of transmission of such information will be very low. And if you need to call the doctor? To call my mom which is in another country? Interestingly, while the international link is there even without the Internet? Booths with phones where they can call in other countries will work without it?

Without connections in the city could start a real chaos

Now in Europe and the world the Internet speed does not stand up all who are sitting at home, Netflix and Youtube at the request of the authorities lowered the video quality to 720p. You just think about how important friend Internet, if the government asked private companies, which show us vidosic and serialchik, reduce the quality of data transmission for the Internet. For the sake of maintenance of life of the population. What an idiotic, excuse me, if our lives depend on Netflix and YouTube.

And they are right, I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is read their chat conversations for work in the Telegram, then comes the email, I read the news on the Internet. For Breakfast I turn on music through the Home Pod on the Internet. All day I correspond or talk on the phone with friends and work via the Internet using audio or video. My child is studying online and play games online. Wife on the Internet looking for recipes, discounts in stores, buys groceries and household items via the Internet. In the evening we’re watching a movie from the Internet, even the dogs food I order on the Internet. Not too many words on the INTERNET? Yeah, he’s with us even in the toilet does not let go, admit it. By the way, I started to do home exercises, the lessons of which I downloaded on the Internet. I also teach a foreign language. Guess where?

Even the money we transfer through the Internet. ATMs connected to the Internet.

I don’t know what to offer and how to be in this situation — but usually a dependence on any one subject ends very badly. Understand whether it is world politics? And ordinary people? It’s just time for us to understand that we should pray for the presence of the Internet and his work. If you Wake up tomorrow and no Internet, what will the world be? I think even pandemic coronavirus seem flowers.


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