Amazing inventions of ordinary Chinese.


Every country has its great inventors — Archimedes in Ancient Greece, Alexander Popov in Russia, Thomas Edison in the United States… Has her not yet entirely recognized by inventors in China, and today we’ll talk about them. Of course, the invention is not comparable with, say, radio or telephone, but, nevertheless, they are worth to look at them. Though, because all of these mechanisms have been collected by Chinese craftsmen in the home — in the back yards and garages.

1. It took ten years Heh Liang to modify this suitcase, making it a vehicle. It reaches speeds of over 19 km/h and can travel 48-64 km on one charge.

2. Tao Sanli — a self-taught inventor — assembled the robot remote control out of scrap metal and wiring he bought with it, spending a total of 49 037 dollars. However, Tao has faced the problem when I realized that the robot is too big to come out of his room.

3. This homemade motorcycle with a height of 2.38 m was worth their Creator Abalajon $ 1,300. It weighs 2702 kg and can reach speeds of 40 km/h.

4. The creation of this submarine, a Chinese farmer took five months. The submarine successfully sank to a depth of 9 m in the lake near his home in the town Zinczenko, Hubei province.

5. This improvised tractor is equipped with 12 rotating brushes that created them sweeping the streets in the city of Mohe, Heilongjiang province.

6. Liu Wenjun created this improvised Bicycle which is held afloat thanks to the plastic pipes.

7. This farmer, he is a Chinese retired military, spent 6450 dollars to create this copy of the tank.

8. Liu Fulong independently built a wooden electric car. The car can accelerate to 32 km/h, which is quite high speed for a homemade vehicle.

9. Zhang Wuyi with his invention — a new submarine for catching sea cucumbers (holothurians).

10. Chinese inventor Yang Cunfu rejoices successfully completed testing its spherical container weighs 5443 kg, which he called Noah’s Ark. The vessel was created to protect people that are inside from fire, water and other external influences.

11. This wheel was created by the inventor Li Yunli. He called it a «vehicle number one in the world.»

12. Zhang Swelling inside his homemade airplane.

13. 55-year-old blacksmith Tian Chanin (right) straightens the blade of his home-made helicopter.

14. Sun Zifa brings the stone during the construction of your new home. Chinese farmer sun, who lost both hands in an accident on a fishing trip 32 years ago, all this time, could not afford to buy dentures. He spent two years to his nephews under his leadership made him prostheses from scrap metal, plastic and rubber.

15. 49-year-old mechanic Wu puts together the details of his new robot in the workshop.

16. 63-year-old inventor Han Wizzy holds one of his creations — a comb that doubles as a musical instrument.

17. Whether Zincone (upstairs) — 58-year — old farmer and his makeshift plane on the roof.

18. 49-year-old Zhang Yali experiences created by him and his friends a huge bike.

19. Farmer Shu Manisan hovered over the earth in his homemade flying device during a test in the yard.

20. Car mechanic Ding shilu tests his homemade aircraft on a frozen pond.

21. Lei Zhi Qian goes… or rather, floats on the bike.

22. Gao Janisse sets of blades on his homemade helicopter.

23. A worker polishes the surface of an unfinished miniature submarine at the workshop of a local craftsman-inventor.

24. Chinese farmer Yang: Jude pushes a homemade gun in their possession on the outskirts of Wuhan.

25. Chinese Shu Manisan ready to take off in his homemade ultralight aircraft.

26. The farmer From Ulu go, who pulls his homemade robot.

27. Tao Sanli comes out of his homemade submarine after its testing in the lake.

28. 22-year-old From Zhongyuan posing next to his homemade helicopter.

29. Zhao Shugo in homemade copies of cars «Formula-1».

30. Farmer Lee Yimin and it has not yet completed a mini-submarine.

31. Chinese a self-taught inventor named Yu Jun and his self-made helicopter.

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