5 people who were first turned into ice and then thawed


Only five people in the world known for the fact that he was able to move to extreme cooling. Eva Wisnierska and the four heroes went through hypothermia and despite all the difficulties back to a normal life.

Paraplanerists Eva accidentally climbed too high in the sky and lightning hit the cloud. The temperature quickly dropped to -50 degrees. The athlete lost control and at the speed of 200 km/h rushed to the ground. Fortunately, ava was able to take control of the glider, it landed on the nearest farm in as close to cryosleep — to the surprise arrived on the scene, rescuers, no problems the body is not caused.

Another brave girl, gene Hilliard, lost on the road in a snow storm. She went on foot to the nearest village and came to the houses of several meters. In the morning gene found the owner of the house.

She was like an ice statue. But I did not waste any time and quickly took in the heat and turned on the hot water bottle — so remembered the story of the owner of the house.

Hilliard came around the next day. To the surprise of the assembled doctors, the girl had no recollection of what happened last night, but it was the only consequence of hypothermia.

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The heroes of our story was lucky. Man is poorly adapted to low temperatures, and those who decided to resort to medical cryosleep until Wake can’t.


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