10 longest-running TV shows in the world


A list of the top 10 longest series in the world – below the review. We will go with the growth in the number of episodes.

The expression «life is short, art is forever,» perfectly a number of stories, more than half a century living on television. Some of them have «history» there is more than 15 000 series! Well, what the series could claim to be the longest in history, how many episodes and how long it lasted?No, it’s not «Santa Barbara» as I can assume many viewers. This series can boast only 2 137 series, while his «older friends» first came out on blue screens in the years since the 1950s, continue to increase the seasons and today.

10. Another world (1964-1999)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 8 891.A distinctive feature of this series was the epigraph that opens each new series until 1987. He sounded so: «We live not only in this world, but in a thousand other worlds.» This postulate a Creator IRNA Phillips wanted to tell the audience that in addition to the reality that you can touch and try, the people there is the world of dreams. And everything is different.It’s the story not only of ordinary life conflicts of ordinary people. The picture tells the story and is quite rare, almost exotic situations that get people of different social status and beliefs.

9. In search for tomorrow (1951-1986)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 9 130.In September 1951 on the screens out the series, which lasted for nearly thirty-five years – until December 1986.By the way, was sponsored by well-known today throughout the world the company «Procter & Gamble» as well as one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and means for washing dishes, so this television Opera in the truest sense lived on «soap» money. Since 1967, the series started to show in color.In fact, the series is a digest, in which there are a variety of stories about people. It’s a Comedy, a tragedy, a failed marriage and divorce is ridiculous, the lost children, infidelity and betrayal. The picture reflects the title: the heroes are in an eternal search for themselves and tomorrow.

8. Coronation Street (1960-…)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 9 995.British Teletopia received four national awards «for best soap series» four British award «for most popular drama series and a number of «medals» and titles for the quality and sharpness raised in the picture of social problems.The first series appeared on the screen in the last century – in the late 1960s. In the fall of 2016 fans celebrated the broadcast of the 9000-series «the street», it is the most durable soap Opera, filmed in the United Kingdom.The plot of the series is simple and complicated at the same time, like life itself. This is the story about the fate of ordinary residents of Coronation street in one of the English towns. Most of the characters in the movie do not have a lot of money and not have a high origin, but that’s why they are so close to the majority of viewers. The series is filled with humour and real drama.

7. All my children (1970-2013)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 10 712.The film is set in a small suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Agnes Nixon was able to create not just an ordinary «soap» from the syrupy storyline, it added to the series of humor, spice and a real problem.For the first time in the history of «Soaps» on the screen shown in the discussion of the Vietnam war. The latter was a real breakthrough in the history of American soap operas for Housewives.Most viewers of this movie are men. In the first year after the premiere, the series received 17th place out of 19 broadcast on TV soap operas. In 1972, «All my children» won first prize «Emmy».

6. One life to live (1968-2012)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 11 136.The series first appeared on screens in the summer of 1968 on ABC and became the first real drama, which was up a previously taboo subject. In particular, it was considered racial conflicts, socio-economic issues, but the most important problems of the LGBT community and drug use among young people.In 2002, the series received an Emmy in the category «Best drama
series.»A curious fact: the film set, which is built for the filming of the series in 1988, was the largest in the entire history of soap operas. Multi-level, she reached a height of ten meters. In the same year the film crew for the work needed machine for drilling of boreholes, which were also bought. However, work on it are not actors, and professional workers-doubles.

5. The young and the restless (1973-…)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 11 585. March 26, 1973, the screens out a soap Opera, which takes place in the fictional town of Genoa city. The first season was mainly devoted to the vicissitudes of the life of two families of Genoa: millionaires of the Brooks and the poor Fosters.However, due to a permanent turnover of personnel acting in the early 80-ies the attention of the creators focused on the families of Abbotts ‘ and Numanov feuding. Between them more than one gate storyline: Jill vs Kay. This is a story of hatred regular manicurist and her overbearing boss.

4. Days of our lives (1965-…)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 13 777.Another show-survivor — fourth place among the longest-running soap operas in the world. By 2003, the number of episodes of «Days of our lives» crossed the 12-thousand boundary. Things are moving in a certain country, in a non-existent reality in Salem. But this is not required, as the Saga tells about eternal values and problems that existed at all times and on all continents. It is a choice between duty and feeling experiences for loved ones and the joy of victories – big and small.

3. As the world turns (1956-2010)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 13 858.This show was a kind of pioneer in the history of soap operas. The duration for the first time in history amounted to half an hour, while the duration of all the previous stories did not exceed fifteen minutes.Premiered April 2, 1956. First, the increase in the length of TV shows ever has not caused support from the audience, but over time, people have been drawn into view, and this day the series broke all records of popularity between 1958 and 1978 the Action takes place in the fictional town of one of the American States. In the center of events – a family of lawyers, police, doctors, who have to solve a variety of everyday and household problems – like half a century ago and in our days. In this series in the early 1980s, for the first time in the history of soap operas has accented the problem of abortion.

2. General hospital (1963-…)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 14 318.This picture takes the second place in duration and awarded the honor of inclusion in the Guinness Book of records. Premiered on April 1 1963 on the ABC channel and this is the longest TV show in history.The authors of the original ideas – a couple of writers Hursley, who invented a non-existent town of Port Charles, which has a hospital where there are all basic events. The rise of the rating of the series came at the beginning of the 80s, thanks to the incredible popularity of the protagonists – Luke and Laura. At their wedding as teleposta was visited by 30 million viewers, and this is an absolute record.In 2003, the American TV guide called the show «the Greatest soap Opera of all times and peoples».

1. The guiding light (1952-2009)

Source: twizz.ru Number of episodes: 15 762.This American soap Opera leads the list of the ten longest TV shows in the history of their creation — «Guiding light» is listed in the Guinness Book of records!Premiered on television took place on 20 June 1952 and radio and even earlier – in January 1937. The last «sorry and goodbye» the authors of the series said to the audience only in September 2009.The picture begins with the fact that the priest Rutledge leaves on your window, lit the lamp to get lost in the night and for the life of travellers could find their way to the light – literally and figuratively.

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