A special kind of private small planes, the pilots themselves were called SUVs. They are able to take on almost any platform, for takeoff and landing they need only 6 meters of land.

The so-called bush plane are very popular in the United States, and in Alaska and is distributed almost in the same way as cars. Plane comfortable is the fact that the pilot need not request permission to depart, nor to agree on a route (unless we are talking about the same Alaska): started the engine and went about his business.

One of the most common models, Super STOL, will cost the Amateur fly about 5-10 thousand dollars. For the money, the pilot will get a versatile vehicle, able not only to land on a hard surface.An ordinary mechanic without special tools can accommodate almost any bush plane for a water landing.
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To add to the above low fuel consumption (around 15 liters per 100 kilometers) and the car really will turn out perfect!

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