What white patches appears on the oil fill cap neck: is it worth it to be afraid


Many things in the car is absolutely incomprehensible to the vast majority of drivers. Moreover, most of them even the most attentive owners never would have noticed without help. And it’s very sad, because there is a huge community of alarm bells, which may indicate different kinds of problems and malfunctions. Today let’s talk about just one.

That is nonsense. |Photo: drive2.ru.

Quite often, on the oil fill cap filler neck of the car there is a mysterious white or white-yellow plaque. This often happens in the offseason or in the winter. In its color and consistence of this plaque has a lot to do with the emulsion, which in turn is formed by mixing motor oil and antifreeze car. So whether or not to panic, if such a plaque appeared on the cover?

It’s just condensation. |Photo: drive2.ru.

In fact, in our climatic conditions, the formation of this patina is a normal phenomenon. This fact is repeatedly confirmed by manufacturers of cars. Seeing him on the cover, and do not «impose» his engine «swallows», most likely it’s not as scary as it may seem. The causes of strange plaque is actually very simple.

Need to worry if there is still white smoke. |Photo: yandex.ru.

The fact that during the combustion of the fuel is formed including the moisture, which hastens to fall in the form of condensate. And he, in turn, is formed directly on those places, parts, and subassemblies that are cooling in the car the fastest. Cover malosolenoj of the neck – this is one of those places. Sometimes condensate and plaque appear even on the dipstick. In any case, this phenomenon safely. With the exception of cases when the coating is formed on the thicket probe, which is immersed directly in the oil.

And should be checked. ¦Photo: vazweb.ru.

This should be undertaken as soon as possible inspect the cylinder head gaskets. Often, it becomes corrupted, causing the antifreeze is getting into engine oil and then an emulsion is formed directly in the engine. Penetration thereof into the combustion chamber can cause serious damage and costly repairs. Circumstantial factor pointing to the existence of the problem is the appearance of white smoke from the exhaust pipe during operation.

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