Celebs who fought with Kim Kardashian


To be a celebrity not easy constantly having to win their place under the sun. Kim Kardashian in this struggle succeeded. Conflict situations she had more than enough.


When Beyonce was bathed in the rays of glory, on Kim no one knew. The secret envy of more successful friend telediva motivated to strive for success. Kardashian stubbornly developed his TV show and personal brand. «Beyoncé never liked Kim. She tries not to show open hostility. When they intersect, Bi is trying to quickly terminate a forced dialogue. Their communication is solid, the awkward pauses», — described the relationship between the stars the portal Page Six.

A source said that Bey liaised with the chosen one Kanye West only out of politeness: any friendship that Kim Kardashian painted in the imagination, out of the question. Oil poured into the fire by their husbands. In November 2016, during the concert Jay Z turned to Kanye, indignant his bias against Beyonce. The end of the war was laid in 2017 at the wedding mutual friend celebrities Serena Williams. Eyewitnesses confirmed that Kim and Beyonce sweet talked and exchanged photos kids.

Taylor Swift

In February 2016, Kanye West released the song Famous, where was the line «I think we need Taylor to have sex. What I did to that bitch became famous.»In the same month, swift received a «Grammy» in the nomination «the Best album of the year». In her speech, she said that in life there are always people who try to underestimate someone’s success or to attribute other people’s achievements, openly alluding to Kanye. To protect her husband stood Kim, published in the snapchat video, which Kanye spoke on the speakerphone with Taylor.According to records, the singer was not against the release of the song with provocative lyrics. Moreover, she interpreted the words of the rapper as a compliment. However, after recording the star denies it. According to Taylor, she told Kanye that he considered the text offensive. «I wanted us to be friends. He promised to show the song, but never did, commented swift.

Paris Hilton

Fans of Kim know that she started her career, working part time stylist to Paris Hilton’s. In a short time between the girls struck up a friendship. Paris took a friend to party and acquainted with famous people. In the end, Kim began to gain popularity with such speed that her friend, mentor forgotten. Competition has brought the stars to mutual insults. In an interview with Re/Code Code Mobile Kardashian said: «I’m just not the type of girls who carry dogs in handbags». Paris to endure did not show and The Howard Stern allowed himself a sharp statement: «We spoke only once, when she said on the radio that my ass is cellulite, and then called and apologized. All you’ve got — cheese». In 2018, the girls reconciled, but their relationship was not like before.

Lindsay Lohan

Instagram-blogger Perez Hilton reposted a photo of Kim from snapcat to your page and asked followers opinion on her new hairstyle. Lindsay Lohan could not resist and sent a negative comment. Kim without hesitation replied, «You know what is most puzzling? Your sudden foreign accent». Apparently Kardashian hinted at an accent Lohan, with whom she spoke after moving to London in 2016. At the time, the actress told reporters that studying many languages: English, French, Russian and also Turkish and Arabic. In 2017 Lohan got over in Dubai. There were rumors that she went there because of debts.

Pamela Anderson

An argument between Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian have occurred after the 50-year-old actress and model has posted to the social network a photo of the letter addressed to the wife of Kanye West. Pam accused Kim in a bad relationship to animals. Moreover, she asked the media personality to refuse products made of natural fur.»Austria, Croatia, Netherlands, Slovenia, the UK and other countries opposed the cruelty and shut down all fur farms. You know I love you, Kim. You can be a hero for the animals, which are for all his followers,» said Pamela. Since there was no reaction, Pamela took an unexpected decision. She sent Kim a congratulatory Christmas card and gift — a coat of ecomega.

Kourtney Kardashian

The scandal between sisters erupted during the fifteenth season of their family show. Kim has called Courtney the most boring of all participants. Moreover, she stated that she no longer wants to see sister in the project. The controversy began on Christmas eve due to the fact that Courtney did not cope with the organization of the photo shoot.»If you had your own business, you’d understand how important this is for me,» said the wife of West. Sister could not hold back emotions and has called Kim an evil man. According to the Court, she just wanted to spend time with children. In response, the Kardashian, the eldest said that he wants to move to another state.

Kathleen Jenner

The discord in the relationship teledive and her stepfather began after the release of the book «Secrets of my life.» In it, Caitlin said about the reason for the gender change and marriage with Kris Jenner. Kim didn’t like the way Kathleen spoke about her mother. «So write about mom mean. She does not deserve such attitude. If you knew what she went through, to come to terms with many features of character and behavior Bruce. And now Caitlin turns everything on its head and comes up with all these stories. What is written in the book, is an absolute lie. My heart is overwhelmed with pain every time I remember all these lines about mother,» she said. Fortunately, the conflict was settled. Now women are kept neutral.

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