About the job a clerk in a sex shop


I came across an ad on the Internet. I decided to try in fact nothing to lose. Actually, I went there more because of human curiosity, not expecting to stay there for long. But it so happened that he worked for more than six years. I really liked the scope, it’s actually a big help to people. Sometimes I feel like a marriage counselor. Some couples who have lived together for ten years, family life has become a routine, the problem went. Moreover, the impact of external factors in the work: people are tired, tense.

There were occasions when the store came a man, I talked to him, figured out the details, and then it turned out that his wife sits in the car. I asked her and talked with her specifically. Of course, everyone has their own vision of the situation.

I usually listen to both sides and try to reach them. If there is some problem — it is necessary to discuss, and not to go sulk, it may lead to nothing. And not to play with only one goal: to change, but from both sides.

Tell the relatives was tough. Father had blurred the description «I work in women’s cosmetics». In principle I do not lie, and he is not interested. With my mother we at that time did not speak, but it turned out that she knew everything, she told my cousin, because I worked in a shop near his house and he saw me there. Mom was cool about it, now I even tell her something. To work for me yet did not come, she at this time works, but the address of the store knows.

Also my work know two aunts, the rest I’m not going to. My relatives from the village where they lived all their lives, they have a different perception. I thought I’m safer to be silent.

Friends I told immediately they were interested. They began to come in, and I became their personal consultant. To me they consulted without hesitation, because I understand that I did not bad advice in principle.

I’m not shy to talk about their work. Always calmly tell new people, if you ask. Just so I don’t start with, «Hey! I work in a sex shop». Usually, when I tell it, no one responds inappropriately once, at least, did not notice. On the contrary, begin asking questions like: «what are you buying, and who comes?» and so on.

Funny stories for customers not to worry

All sellers are clients take a different approach. If I see that a person is anxious, and there is still a lot, I can tell you some funny, sometimes absurd story. Then people relax. Plus, I’ve always looked outside the box, and this appearance also plays into the hands.

We have no restrictions on appearance. As far as I know, in other sex shops is a dress code, almost office. It’s too much. There is no place where you conduct important negotiations. I started to dress brighter: recently, I had the green braids that were very popular with buyers.

When was the world animation day, went to the red riding hood costume, on February 14, wore big pink wings.
Age limit for consultant is also there (starting with 18), it all depends on the person: how can he even communicate with people who understand this area. Something you can memorize, but if you don’t understand, it won’t be long. Also the person must be able to cope with stress is an important factor.

The basic rule is to understand the product

Newcomers who come to work at the shop, pass three exams and pass a three-week internship. We have a very good knowledge base, it is constantly updated. We were given printed descriptions of products, applications and more. The examination began with questions of physiology, and then went issues it is for goods. During the internship you are not alone, but with the main seller, he can come to the rescue.

When he came to train with me, I was asked to tell all that the person remembers the goods, complementary information. So we have passed from Cabinet to Cabinet. Gradually I increased the load, asked how he would sell a particular product; we played, if I was a buyer came in and started asking questions.
As everywhere in the trade, the salary depends on the season. Summer and winter — the most profitable. Winter are New year, February 23, February 14,… Summer rush begins in June. Usually everywhere on the contrary no customers in the summer, everyone leaves and we like that. Salary could easily reach 30 thousand rubles: the salary and percentage of sales. For employees there is a personal discount of 20%, I use it often, because I always give something to friends.

Revenue we are different, not average numbers. Here the difference is very large: the day can be from one thousand to 30-40 thousand rubles. A lot of clients during the winter holidays, the other days don’t count: maybe 20 people, maybe a couple.

In the sex shop come all

I noticed that the number and gender of visitors depend on the area. Earlier, when I worked in a residential district there in 80% of cases came men. Then I went to the store in the center of the city, which quietly went ladies, men and couples. Come all different ages — from 18 to 80.

The elderly are not often, but it happens. Buy all as the rest. They always have very interesting stories. Here again we act as psychologists because few people with whom you can share, and we always listen.

Same sex couples also come, but rarely. Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is the relation between people, but to me, actually, not particularly interesting. Do what you want, but just right.

Loyal customers we have, of course, too, for them there is a bonus system.

I recently went to the hospital, so I was lost, asked: «where is all this color?»
I thought about the fact that I take most often, but this question difficult to answer unequivocally. Sometimes you look at a closet and think: I him two weeks did not open. And the next day, disperse the half.

Men often come to the store because I want to make a gift to the woman or what sent it. Women come for the toys, clothes, there is a matter of taste.

The costumes we are puzzled: they are asked, but not very often because they become boring, and constantly in the nurse you’re dressed will not be. Thought to completely remove them from circulation, but while not resolved, are looking for an alternative.

Sometimes, the suits asked the men. They just said that they are working, for example, in a transvestite show. And even if for yourself it doesn’t matter. I wore a suit to give the estimate, will it fit in size or not, because this is the size range for girls.

Propositioned and curious kids

In some people there is confusion of concepts, and they think if I’m the seller in this store, all the rest also agree. Often indecent proposals arrive in the spring and fall. Such people rarely we buy something. Now I have started saying to call security, because I know from experience it can take a long time.

They come, call me to meet in the evening, I deny, say not free and I’m not interested. Then the questions begin «why?» I again repeat the same. Sometimes comes to the fact that I answer the same question ten times in a row. The proposals are different plan, about the «just Dating» — I softened. So, as I said, stress is very important. We have a panic button, but I, thank God, she never used it.

About strange client requests — now we must try to surprise me, but the wild request, were here is better not to talk. With this job you learn quickly to keep my poker face. Sometimes just telling people that this product is no, because often it’s even against the law.

It rarely happens that the children go right, I had that times two. They have to say that they can’t be in this store, because it is still early, although I know they are already clearly more than we think. Begin to calmly and politely explain, saying that if you do not know, have to call security. It works.
Here, in principle, always fun.

Sometimes they come in any shops offer perfume, often with the phrase «stolen from the warehouse». I think: «But honestly». They are quite annoying, because if they say no, they don’t understand. I usually start to behave the same way as they propose to look at them something from us. It works, they go away.
To have someone steal — this was not. Thought about open cabinets, but immediately realized that there are so many small things. Now all items are under locks. Free — only a few things at the cash zone, there I noticed that stealing.

The most expensive items in the store — toys with innovative technology. The price is due to the complexity of the mechanism and because they are on batteries. They are made of the company which as believe, and have earned a name for himself. There is nothing to pay. The most expensive item — a woman-pollutors worth 42 thousand. It is made of cybercore — one of the best materials. It is very realistic to the touch, as close as possible to the human skin. Plus it full-size. Took her on trial, while only asking interested. Waiting for those who dare.

Myths about adult shops

There is a very common myth that these stores are only for those who have problems. In fact, they help to avoid many problems. Including health to not have this routine, which come with the words: «Girl, we’re five years married, give us something.» Right with this wording from the doorway. We exist to never to bring. And, of course, it is also a pleasure.

Another myth — that it is only single. Most often in the shop opposite come couples or those in long-term relationships. Because someone who likes variety, someone comes to something to dilute your routine, add something interesting.

Some people think that these shops only go perverts — although it is clear that this is absolutely not true. Because if you don’t want to add to your life toys please — we have a huge selection of lingerie, despite the fact on every taste, just very Frank, there are classic shirts.

As for me requests from people can be any, as long as it was legal and no one hurts themselves. We explain how to use the product correctly, what to do in any case is not how to keep, please carefully read the user manual.

«I’ll try not let you go»

Though sometimes I work a lot, I gave it my all, for example, there are times the morning and I write from management, because they know that she is awake. We can call her later, to discuss some points. I have all the work goes in a mode non-stop.

I would not say that I was the only shopper. There is no such that some things are included in my duties, and some not. If we have ideas — we implement them, we can say are their own masters. I have a lot more features than traditional salesman: I write the lyrics on a website, post the videos with the goods in Instagram, them write.

Will soon be two years since I work here. This is an area — will, then life will not let go, I fell in love with her. And because help, and because it is interesting, because our industry is not static: there are some new items that just want to see. Sometimes the description on the website from suppliers even understand what it is. Plus I’m here all knew we had a good relationship, and I came to the family. Only now I realized that in some way have fulfilled my childhood dream: I am a seller of toys, for adults only.

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