Why some motorists added to the permanganate tank, and what this means


On the Internet there are a lot of «folk» ways and recommendations of varying degrees of usefulness and credibility. For example, there is a fairly wide category of experienced motorists, who argue that it makes sense to add in the fuel tank of your car potassium permanganate. It’s time to deal with that, why do they give such advice and that is really the case.

Pour the manganese in tank — not a good idea. /Photo: voda-pit.ru.

In a car environment around the potassium permanganate there are many myths and misconceptions which are growing very dubious recommendations. By and large all the myths about potassium permanganate in the fuel tank can be divided into two categories: positive error and negative error. And those and others are equally harmful, and in practice nothing to do with reality are not. What is the essence of the described problem?

Nothing super serious will happen. /Photo: fotostrana.ru.

Negative myths about potassium permanganate in the fuel tank are reduced to the fact that it supposedly can cause detonation of the fuel due to the onset of the chemical reaction of this element with gasoline. The authors argue the myth that the amount of heat generated by the potassium permanganate in this moment, it is sufficient to cause explosion of the fuel tank or at least an explosion in the cylinder of the engine, which will cause breakage of the latter.

Potassium permanganate do generates heat during the reaction. /Photo: ljrate.ru.

Positive myths about potassium permanganate, in turn, boil down to the fact that the addition thereof in the gas tank (supposedly) leads to an increase in engine power by providing the same additional heat that becomes redundant energy. Alleged potassium permanganate enhances the combustion reaction occurring in the cylinder, and with it increases and the output of the motor.

Maybe the car will stall. /Photo: yandex.ru.

All of this has very little to do with reality. Potassium permanganate is not able to provoke the explosion of the fuel tank just as well as not able to increase the efficiency of the engine. Though, because its crystals are barely into the cylinder, and if they fall, it is likely to be the cause of his failure in the medium term. However, it is much more likely that the crystals of this substance will simply clog a fuel filter causing car just stops.

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