Toothpick in the home


Thin sharpened stick of wood can do much more than get the leftovers out of your teeth. When other things at hand – a toothpick becomes a screwdriver, and acts as the solution for wood, and may even help in cooking. Most of the hacking was invented in prison – these people never lost!

Cleaning keyboards and connectors

For all these and other hidden and inaccessible places thin tip of a toothpick is simply irreplaceable. It’s time to shovel out of your Claudia all those tons of crumbs that have accumulated in it over the years.

To plug a hole in a garden hose

The secret is that wooden stick, razbuhnut from the water, completely close the hole in the rubber hose. When a toothpick is enough to bulk up, just cut off its protruding tip and using your garden hose on full blast.

Marking the beginning of the tape

Next time use duct tape, put a toothpick under the ribbon. It works particularly well with transparent tape. And the idea is generally simple, as all ingenious.

To fix the hinged loop

Have you ever encountered a problem like loose door hinges? To fix it is quite simple. Take a toothpick, dip it in glue and coated with glue the tip of the stuff in that loose hole. Repeating a couple of times, fill the empty space with glue. Wait until it dries again and drill a hole.

Plugging holes in wood

Dip a toothpick in glue and then insert into the hole from the nail. Tall order the tip and scuff with sandpaper. The scene will not even be seen.

To maintain the boiling point

We all do this – put the saucepan on the fire and go about their business. When you come back, the whole plate is flooded with streams of boiling water. Place a toothpick between the lid and the pot so that the steam could get in the slot and calmly continue to sit in their social networks.

Assembly models

Some of you may have fond childhood assembling miniature plastic models. Maybe they even remember how it was difficult to glue such small parts as the steering wheel or gear lever of the car. Apply glue and attach these small parts with a toothpick a lot easier than it seems. Can you remember the childhood and see what I can gather right now?

If art chores finished – try your hand in art. Can try, for example, to collect now that’s a ship made of toothpicks. True to his creation of artist Scott weaver spent 10,000 toothpicks and 34 years of life. But you have the whole life ahead of you, isn’t it?

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