The dirtiest places in any house


Research shows – in the usual city apartment dirt is usually more than on the street outside the window. Though we do clean up and throw out the trash – these things only slightly reduce the number of germs. Their apartment is in the billions. Ultimately, the result is expressed in allergies, poisoning and disease. So the dirty parts of the apartment need to know – they need to be controlled carefully.

Pillow case

Level of threat: Srednevolzhsky and pillowcases — a real hotbed of all kinds of microbes. Allergens, viruses and bacteria, dust mites and other microscopic critters congregate here by the millions. All of this can cause problems with breathing and vision, up to constant asthma and conjunctivitis. Want to avoid problems? Change your pillowcase at least once a week.

Vacuum cleaner

Threat level: srednepozdnie it: that thing you clean the dirt from carpets and floors. Potentially vacuum — cultivator the most unpleasant bacteria. It must be stored in separated from the living rooms of the closet, and cleaned should not only dust bag, and pipe and brushes.


Threat level: sredneplastichnye everyone in the house has a games console. How much time do you spend killing regular monsters? How about spending a night in a remote, when the world only you remain, the screen and plate of delicious food nearby — not to run to the kitchen? Now imagine, how many times have you grabbed a controller with dirty hands. And how much dirt can absorb plastic. Gross!

Door handle

Threat level: Vysokiy can’t control the cleanliness level of the door handles in public places but in your own home are obliged to do it. Not necessarily fanatically wipe with a cloth every day. Just don’t forget about them cleaning.

The gasket in the fridge

Threat level: bisociative lining on the inside of the refrigerator door — the portal to hell. There are all things like fungi and bacteria: dark, damp, humid, here often get pieces of food. Pull yourself together and look in this dark place.


Severity: vysokochist change the keyboard? And, you have a laptop? Think of how many times you had to sit at work with dirty hands. Scary? Right. Wipe your keyboard with a damp cloth, and his hands try to wash them every time, as arranged before the next series.

Rags and sponges

Danger level: extremely vysokogorii and porous surfaces provide wonderful bacteria culture medium. Add a little dirt, a little bit of crumbs and food debris — congratulations, you’ve just created your first supermarket viruses. Change rags as often as possible. Use a new sponge every time you wash the dishes.

Cutting Board

Severity level: citiesjaisalmer, E. coli, parasites and tapeworms. All these creatures live in the meat that you cut on a special Board. Forget about wooden boards: they are a real Paradise for the development of not very human friendly cultures. Carefully wash the Board after every use and get several of them for different purposes.

Behind the toilet

Severity level: maximalisatie cultured in the bathroom, coming here from different places. Flushed without closing the lid? Congratulations, now all the germs from the toilet happily soar throughout the bathroom. Take this small but important room special attention during weekly cleaning. And, of course, don’t forget to lower the lid — it’ll be healthier.

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