Life hacks for truckers


Sometimes in the country instead of resting I feel like a squirrel in a wheel: then it is necessary to remove, there is need to correct. Familiar, isn’t it? Therefore, to avoid such a situation next time, use the actual ideas which will facilitate not only your work and life.

1. Bag for cars

Device for cars. \ Photo: twenty times in an hour running back and forth with a wheelbarrow, trying to take out the trash? Then this life hack is especially for you. Take some old bags from under the sugar (or any other) and stitch them from one huge bag. This seemingly simple device will help to increase the volume of cars at least three times.

Easy, fast and convenient. \ Photo: Folding pot

Did you know about these pots? \ Photo: a rule, almost every summer resident has flowers, which sooner or later will need to be transplanted from a regular pot in the ground. But as you know, sometimes it is very inconvenient and troublesome. Therefore, to simplify your task, use a folding pots. They fairly make your life easier, keeping the root system of plants of value and safety. Besides, this pot can be easily used next time, because its main advantage is that it is very practical and versatile in operation.And for those who do not want to spend money on this miracle invention can make an already existing old pots, which had planned to throw. All you need is a sharp knife or scissors, and tape (you can use decorative). Take a pot, cut it into two equal parts, and then simply connect the halves with tape.3. Dumpsters of tires

To the summer cottage was always clean. \ Photo: old tires? Well, do not rush to throw them away. Because of them, in addition to beds and furniture can make excellent, and most importantly, ample trash cans for the garden.4. Additional handle

As to you such device? \ Photo: this fixture will be appreciated by all those people who for a few hours a day spend with a shovel, rake or hoe. Additional handle for work tools – a great helper in the difficult task. Thanks to this ingenious invention can reduce the load on the back, which is important when working with garden tools in the midst of the summer season.5. Slippers for footwear

Great idea. \ Photo: liveinternet.EN.Another cool thing for truckers – sneakers for shoes. This little life hack will appeal to all those who, working in the garden during the day, from time to time runs into the house for a couple of minutes. Agree that it is much easier to wash the Slippers, rather than half a day to walk around with a rag wiping the residue on the floor around the house.6. Water filter

A portable water filter. \ Photo: filter is a useful thing, which often costs a lot of money. But what if… do it yourself? Let’s say from the usual plastic bottles.7. Set for a bonfire

What do you think about this? \ Photo: a carton of eggs? Do not rush to throw it away. It can be built from cute and comfortable set for rapid fire. Put the coals in a box and simply close it, leaving it somewhere nearby, so she was always at hand, and its content can be use if necessary.8. Pocket-cuffs for a mobile phone

Pocket-cuffs for a mobile phone. \ Photo: anybody not a secret that working in the garden or in the garden, not always easy to hold the phone in your pocket. But I just wish that it was at hand. And to make this work, it suffices to use an old sock, from the cuff which you can build a universal pocket for cell phone.9. Upgrade garden equipment

Keep your garden tools under control. \ Photo: you’ve bought new gardening tools, be sure to immediately make notes on them with initials, in case, if you have to borrow the neighbors. This method will help avoid confusion during the return of the tool. Everything else, it would not hurt to make a hole in the top of the handle and pull it tight cord, to build the loop. Now you can safely hang your instrument on any hook or a ledge, and it won’t roll under your feet.

When all in their places. \ Photo: Hanger for gloves

Hanger for gloves. \ Photo: oblgazeta.EN.And how do you like the idea of such a hanger for gloves, where instead of the usual hooks – clothespins?!

Take note! \ Photo:

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