3 important things you need to do after purchasing a used car


Purchase a car – always an important and responsible step. Moreover, if the purchased was not new, but a used car. In this case, you should exercise increased vigilance and responsibility not only at the stage of choosing, but also immediately after the acquisition. Because there are a number of things that tell you to do every skilled driver, even if the previous owner assured me that his «swallow» and so everything is in order.

1. Replacement fluids

Change everything. |Photo: asavtoservis.by.

This is the first thing to do in any purchased on the secondary market car. Replacing fluids is the first step towards ensuring your personal safety and correct operation of all units of the car. By the way, at the stage of purchase would be worthwhile to know what kind of motor oil used by the former owner. However, even with this knowledge, it’s best just to make flushing the engine and pour new oil.

You should also replace the oil in the transmission, antifreeze, brake fluid. Not be amiss to carry out the replacement of the liquid in the reservoir of the power steering.

2. Update «consumables»

All consumables are replaceable. |Photo: drive2.ru.

The next mandatory item maintenance after purchase secondary auto – replacement of all consumable components. This is necessary in order not to encounter unexpected consequences for themselves at the most inopportune moment. Changing the first fuel and air filters, spark plugs and the battery is also replaceable, even if they are in good looking condition.
Absolutely no harm will be replacing the brake pads and discs. Well, or at least they need a good, test drove the car on a lift. If the mileage over 100 thousand miles, do not hesitate to change the timing chain and belt.

Will not be superfluous. |Photo: 1gai.ru.

A separate item worth rubber. To solve this problem, you need to know the date of issue. You should also check the wear of the tread by means of a special tool or coin.

3. The processing of the body

The basis of protection. ¦Photo: yandex.ru.

If you purchased the car has already been in operation for at least 3-4 years, then the performance of anti-corrosion treatment of the body is a highly desirable procedure. It was during this time, Antikor (if at all) manages to wear out. In the framework of the «minimum program» should be treated the underbody, wheel arches, connections, doors and trunk lid, as well as the welds. It is imperative to apply antirust if machine has gone through before body repair. Of course, before such treatment, the body should be checked again for rust and, if you suddenly found its focus, it needs to be pre-eliminated.

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