15 practical features, without which nothing in the modern kitchen


Many modern Housewives find it difficult to imagine the process of cooking in the kitchen, where there are many favorite devices. Thanks to them, daily duty becomes almost a hobby, significantly simplifying the cooking. In our review, especially for readers Novate.ru contains the best cooking devices which you need in every kitchen.

1. Vacuum cover

Transparent vacuum cover. | Photo: chert-poberi.
This transparent cover is able to create a full vacuum for any products. Moreover, it can be installed on any kitchenware: plates, bowls, pots and pans.

2. Submersible device for sous-vide

Immersion heating device. | Photo: Flipboard.
The technology of cooking sous-vide is increasingly gaining momentum. This type of cooking involves sealing product, the creation of the vacuum, immersion in water and the long cooking at low temperature. Well, in order for the business to succeed, you need to get a special submersible device, which can be set at the exact temperature and maintain it throughout the process.

3. Cover

Cover for the mixer. | Photo: Getmoney5.com.
Every housewife knows that the use of ordinary submersible mixer without bowl fraught with consequences in the form of tedious cleaning. To protect walls and furniture from splashes, revision Novate.ru recommends to get a special protective cover with hole for mixer.

4. Glassware

Pans of glass. | Photo: Joom.
Glassware — new kitchen trend. Among the advantages that you can freely observe the processes of cooking. In addition, this cookware looks stylish and easily washable.

5. Metal brush

Steel scrubber for pans. | Photo: Pinterest.
If you are still using cast-iron cookware, the editors Novate.ru recommends that you get a special sponge-mail. With its help, you can quickly and more effectively clean the bottom of the pan after cooking.

6. Smart scales

Smart kitchen scale. | Photo: Everyday Health.
These smart kitchen scales are not only able to determine the weight of products. Working in tandem with a mobile app they help to define the composition of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calorific value of the weighed product.

7. The cooling tube

High-speed fridge. | Photo: ITC.
The modern system of Juno is something like a microwave, but in reverse. It doesn’t work on heating and on cooling. You just have to put the desired temperature, cooling time and lower the capacity of the drink, the system will then do everything for you.

8. Bowl-shape

Bowl-baking dish. | Photo: Bonami, Coltelleria Piva, Lekue.
The original bowl from durable silicone, which can be simultaneously used for kneading the dough and for baking.

9. Elektrovenik

Electric whisk. | Photo: Advert.
An electric beater is a device that helps quickly and without your intervention mix necessary ingredients. Just put it in a bowl or pan, include and can go about their business.

10. Form

Form for serving. | Photo: Weight Zen.
Simple plastic shape with three circles that will help to accurately measure portions and to form a beautiful dish on the plate. This form will be a great gift for those who are watching a figure and loves the beautiful flow.

11. Colander

Practical colander. | Photo: Pinterest.
Practical round sieve, which consists of two moving plates, which are connected in the field, not allowing the products to Wake up.

12. Cooling wand

Cooling flask for drinks. | Photo: Trend Hunter.
A device resembling a futuristic flask that will allow for a few minutes to cool any drink or liquid dish.

13. Induction cooker

Induction smart cooker. | Photo: MetroKitchen.
Compact induction hob, which works in tandem with a mobile app. You just need to choose which dish you are going to cook, and the stove itself will choose the optimal time and temperature.

14. Machine for brewing tea

Device for brewing tea.| Photo: Tasting Table.
This machine — something like a coffee maker, but for tea. The device is able to distinguish between types of tea and pick up for each welding optimal conditions of preparation.

15. Bag holder

Holder for Zip packages. | Photo: Jutarnji List.
Zip-packs are very convenient, they can store blanks, meats, fruits and vegetables. If you use these packages in the farm, you will also need a special shelf-holder for them.

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