Island Hans and «whiskey war»: alcoholic-territorial showdown


And here we are still a cucumber plant… Or not?

Island with an area of 1.3 square kilometers is as large garden. Well, very large. A decent vegetable garden, potatoes can be planted, cucumbers — on the farm enough. However, on the island of Hans no potatoes or cucumbers do not germinate. First, not the climate. Second, the rocky soil is not conducive to the prosperity of separately taken of the potential of the North farm.

So why does he need two countries?

Yes, out of principle.

It is located exactly halfway between Greenland, belonging to Denmark, and Canada. On the one hand, the Danish territorial waters, with the other canadian. And in the middle is this rather pointless piece of stone. And the argument for it is years.

Остров Ганса и война виски: алкогольно-территориальные разборки

The permanent court of international justice (EPYRU) gave the disputed territory to the Danes (well, in Canada, and so the stones enough) in 1933, but since this is all somehow forgotten and decided not to pay attention — especially since INCLUDING since longer exists.
Well, rusty and forgotten. And about a desert island once, too.

In the end, neither Canadians nor the Danes were not eager to plant potatoes there.

Well, after the demarcation of the borders in 1973 began. More precisely, the noble began the discussion. Denmark and Canada sat down at the negotiating table.

— Gentlemen, — we have a certain claim territorial nature…

— Lord, we recognize and respect the fact that you have these claims and are bringing to you the fact that we have similar.

— Was adopted. Let’s have a drink!

«Welcome to the Danish land!»

In 1984 the brave Danish troops headed by the Danish Minister for Greenland Affairs landed on the island. Setting the sign «Welcome to the Danish land,» the Minister solemnly had left him a bottle of schnapps.

Остров Ганса
Island Hans

The smell of alcohol came to the canadian border, and the canadian army rushed to the island of Hans. The sign replaced a sign «Welcome to Canada», and snaps on a bottle of canadian whiskey. The fate of the bottle of schnapps remained unknown.

The Danes came back…

(There is a version for which the first alcoholic that started the war the Canadians: and signs, and bottles have since changed so many times that it’s hard to remember exactly who started the tradition).

In 2004, the Vikings and loggers almost had a fight for real. Canadian opposition remembered a rocky garden in which nothing grew, except for a set of bottles and poked them in the government, they say, the island is used to increase spending on the defence budget!

Sawing, and could grandparents give.

–That is, as they saw the money on our island? — outraged in Denmark. It is our prerogative!

Канадские и датские военные во время церемонии поднятия флага на острове Ганса
The canadian and Danish military during a flag-raising ceremony on the island of Hans

Had to exchange notes.

The threat of polar bears

In 2004, Canada raised the stakes. No, the Canadians have left a box of whiskey, although it would be logical. They put stone sculpture and raised on her canadian flag. Agree, it deserved the box, but the Canadians, as before, decided to just have one bottle — probably in order not to undermine the combat readiness of the Danish Navy.

Denmark instead respond symmetrically, protested. She announced the Hans island its territory and complained about the actions of Canada to the international court. But then the Vikings woke up, came to the sacred Isle, removed the flag and habitually left the bottle.

Meanwhile, in the North sea looking for oil. And I already searched the entire North sea, except for the area adjacent to the island of Hans, — which ran in 2012.

— What are we going to do, dear partner? asked the Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada John Baird.

I wonder, dear partner, — sadly answered the Minister of foreign Affairs of Denmark Martin Lidegaard.

Датские пилоты изучают остатки канадского флага на острове Ганса
The Danish pilots are studying the remains of a canadian flag on Hans island

So since then, and continue every few months to change on the Isle of flags.

And bottles.

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