U.S. helicopters defeated «armata» (video)


The twenty-fourth of February 2020 firm «bell» posted on its official YouTube channel a promotional video of the fighting helicopter «bell 360″. Since there is the helicopter is for the most part only in the imagination of engineers, the movie is a cartoon, and pretty average quality — to put it mildly, not «Pixar». However, it is not primarily about beauty, it’s contents — a pair of «the three hundred and sixtieth» low-level flight famously blown pieces going on the attack armor, which is easily recognizable to a T-14 and BMP T-15 on the chassis «Armata». However, it is unlikely that the authors of the cartoon was referring to the Russian army — infantry «imaginary enemy» trying to shoot down helicopters, in uniform, unlike the Russian, and the typical plaid scarf«arafatki». Apparently meant the middle East allies that Russia will in the future to put its newest armored vehicles.

[embedded content]

Sam «bell 360″, bearing the proud name of «Invictus» («Unconquered»), is a promising helicopter, created in the framework of FARA (the development of an advanced reconnaissance and attack helicopter) for the U.S. Army. Based on the design of the multipurpose helicopter’s «bell 525″. Armed with guided missiles on the inner suspension and 20-mm automatic gun, develops up to 330 km/h, has a range of 250 km and a Full-sized prototype was presented to the public in October 2019.

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