Habits of drivers who turn auto junk


With years of experience at any driver formed their habits. Some people like to hold grip, others dramatically work the pedals. Not all habits are harmless to the car – some literally lead him into disrepair. Experts gathered some of the most common driving mistakes which quickly turn any car into the trash.

Reverse gear

One of the worst and most common mistakes many drivers is a sharp reverse gear before the car completely stops. Experts claim that it is very quickly drained the transmission and is literally killing the transmission. This applies to mechanics, and machine.

Wait for an empty tank

It is not necessary to wait until the tank is empty to refuel. It is harmful for all systems of the carin an empty gas tank on the walls is going to sediment and dirt from the filter gets in the fuel pump, impeding the flow of fuel to the engine.

The hand on the lever

Beginners often leave one hand on the shift lever, not knowing that by doing harm to his car. Weight small, but is still able to create some pressure on the gearbox. The gears go unchecked in the grooves, causing wear of the box.

Braking on the descent

Ideally, it is always better to brake using the clutch and engine, and the pedal to leave in extreme cases. On the descent you need to work out a lower gear, foot on the brake pedal leads to heating of the disc and the brake pads.

To slow down rapidly and often

Frequent and especially hard braking very quickly wears out brake pads and brake discs. Learn to perform the maneuver smoothly and check the condition of the brake hose.

Suspicious noise

In good car nothing ever just so no noise. Unfortunately, beginners don’t understand this and often ignore the noise, signaling a serious malfunction. Pay attention to your car and unusual sounds, do not be lazy to spend IT.

Slow ride

Nobody likes «turtles» neither the city nor on the highway. Scorch, of course, did not need — just learn to go with adequate speed. Excessively slow driving creates a dangerous situation, and the motor consumes so much more fuel.


Ignore the handbrake when Parking is not worth it. Do not expose the engine and gearbox on excess loads: when Parking, go in neutral and pull the handbrake.

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