Favorite perfume of Soviet women


The Soviet system and the shortages of all consumer goods is not a barrier for women. They managed to be beautiful and fashionable – self-sewn outfits, got imported clothes, shoes and of course perfume. Perfumes of foreign production fall on the stores are not as often as I would like and in limited quantities. Besides, they were not cheap. But they are always lined up huge queue. This perfume is very different from that offered by domestic industry. Popular perfume «Red Moscow» «Lily of the valley silver», «Natalie» lost her «colleagues» from abroad.

New year collection. / Photo: fragrantica.hissetmeye holders of fine fragrances used them very sparingly, prolonging the pleasure for years to come. They are good at it, as did the Soviet Union concentrated the output of spirits. Lasting fragrance did not disappear with the clothes and after it was washed. Well, if you suddenly accidentally spilled perfume on the carpet, the apartment years it was possible to feel this amazing smell.

Spirits in the Soviet Union / Photo: fragrantica.hisame interesting that in our time, popular in the Soviet Union foreign perfume has not lost its attractiveness in the eyes of the fair sex. You can find them on various online sites specializing in the sale of aromaproduct.

1. Climat Lancome

Climat Lancome / Photo: basenotes.netФранцузская dream women in the USSR. A small bottle of these legendary perfume was worth a fabulous price – 45 rubles with an average salary of $ 100. Of course, to afford such an expensive purchase could not every girl. But it should be noted that it was worth it. The combination of notes of bergamot, peach, rose, Jasmine, Narcissus, violets and Lily of the valley allowed to feel like a Queen even in the absence of branded items and elegant shoes.

Lancome Climat Vintage / Photo: parfumo.netВокруг how the flavor penetrated the «iron curtain», is legendary. There is an opinion that a pupil of the founder of Lancome Arman Tigana were able to curry favor with Nikita Khrushchev resulted in obtaining permission to supply the country of spirits, and then all the cosmetic products of famous brand.It’s fun!Not so long ago, this perfume was forty years old. In honor of this event the brand only for Russia has released an updated version of the Climat in which traditional composition slightly changed. Edition perfume was limited to three thousand bottles. The price of each was $ 18 000. Despite this, the party sold out very quickly, which is not surprising.

2. Magie Noire Lancome

Magie Noire Lancome / Photo: izi.Ian market appeared almost simultaneously with the previous flavor, but such a huge recognition among Soviet women has not received. Oriental deep perfume understand and accept not all. It is a selective product, which was the first in the USSR. Someone he came at once, and other «Black magic» considered age, very feminine.In fact, the fragrance that combines the freshness of citrus, Jasmine, tart honey, bergamot and spices, and approached not for all women. But for those for whom the perfume became «native», it replaced an aphrodisiac. Spirits emphasized the sexuality and grace of a happy owner.Fans of Magie Noire argue that in a bottle connected ice and hot flame. Erotic perfume simultaneously ignites, ignites and cools the senses. The bottle design to match the content. In appearance it is similar to the neckline of a girl in a playful dress – small and black.

3. Diorissimo Christian Dior

Diorissimo Christian Dior / Photo: laparfumerie.OrderBy showing «French fashion», organized by the fashion House Dior in the USSR was held in Moscow in the 60-ies of the twentieth century. Models can be found not only during their fashion shows on the catwalk, but also on the streets. Of course, for Soviet citizens, the girls were aliens, representatives of a completely different world.There is nothing surprising in the fact that our compatriots are unable to remain indifferent to the perfume Dior Diorissimo. Their Foundation – the Lily of the valley. Dior believed that the aroma of this flower SIM
ox of freshness and cleanliness. Lucky women who were able to purchase spirits, and kept them for many years.

4. Estee Estee Lauder

Estee Estee Lauder / Photo: laparfumerie.ogd eighties appeared in stores and American perfumes, namely, perfume brand Estee Lauder called Estee. Legend has it that Estee Lauder wanted to convey in his scent the reflection of the shimmering chandeliers in a glass of sparkling champagne. It has blended notes of rose, sandalwood, Lily of the valley, moss and Jasmine.The perfume was sweet and spicy at the same time. Literally a drop was enough for Fleur left for the day. The smell was noticeable after washing the clothes, so girls often applied perfume on the handkerchiefs and scarves, to please yourself after the bottle is empty.

5. Opium Yves Saint Laurent

Opium Yves Saint Laurent / Photo: meshok.netАромат created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1977, appeared in the Soviet Union in the late eighties. The author wanted to transmit smell, characteristic of the order, in which the Japanese keep the opium. To do this, he mixed spices, citrus and floral notes. Our compatriots to buy a perfume, had to defend a crazy turn. But this perfume was universal and was used for everyday and for special outputs.

6. J’ai Ose Guy Laroche

J’ai Ose Guy Laroche / Photo: crafta.easyscan perfume, elegant, characterized by floral notes with spicy tones, has become a favorite for many women. He was kept for special occasions. Like the previous fragrances, this was different special durability.

7. Fidji Guy Laroche

Fidji Guy Laroche / Photo: PDT.bloknot.ruFidji – perfume with a light floral scent, feminine and sophisticated. It was originally dedicated to the Sunny Isle of Fiji. It combines notes of lemon, galbanum, violet, rose, iris, hyacinth, bergamot, Jasmine, cloves. Despite the fact that there is perfume in 1966, today it is no less relevant.

Perfume GiGi and Ellipse / Photo: parefume.gibili and other flavors, which were hunted and young girls or Mature ladies. For example, Eastern perfumes GiGi or Ellipse. The bottles are not thrown away after their contents had ended. They can be stored for years, emitting a wonderful smell.

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