Invented a cure for coronavirus

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A new drug against pneumonia Chinese need to finalize thePhoto: Ilya Moskovets © URA.RU

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Chinese coronavirus

China has created a vaccine against coronavirus. This was stated by Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hongwei.

«China has developed a vaccine that shows immunity», — quotes «Interfax» of a diplomat. According to him, the drug still requires audits and improvements. He added that the effectiveness of Chinese medicines in excess of 85%. Zhang Hongwei noted that against the Chinese pneumonia also helps of chloroquine phosphate, which is used in the treatment of malaria.

Previously, the drug «Arbidol» the Ministry of health of China included in the official list of medicines for the treatment of coronavirus, reports channel 360. The death toll from the virus in China rose to 2592. The number of infected exceeded 77 thousand people, reports RT.

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