The richest Russians (3 photos)


For centuries the woman was assigned the role of homemaker and domestic goddess. But the time has come, and they rebelled. Beautiful half decided to prove to the world, and especially themselves that they can do better. The lady began to drive cars and motorcycles, to participate in the political life of the country and do business. Who among the Russians today considered to be the most successful?

Natalia Fileva

Natalja from Novosibirsk. She is now slightly over 50. In his youth he received two degrees: «the engineer-the radio mechanic» and «organization of production management». At the moment she has a husband and three children. Dizzying career began when she worked in the airline «Siberia». Thanks to his optimism and boundless energy, this fragile woman was able to breathe new life into the failing company. Becoming its main shareholder, Fileva could make good money.

Maria Sharapova

The young woman has dedicated his life to tennis. As you can see, not in vain. She was able to become a leading athlete in this sport and to play for Russia at international level. Sharapova — the highest paid tennis player and refuses to appear in advertisements, which positively appears in her Bank account.

Currently, Maria is suspended from athletic competition. A drug that is taken by the athlete before testing, made the list of banned drugs. However, the status of the «Queen of tennis» in $ 260 million allows her to lead a comfortable lifestyle, even outside the game.

Olga Belyavtseva

His career began as a packer at the cannery. However, were able to show their talents and in no time has grown to a leading economist.

With the world of business introduced her immediate supervisor Nicholas Borrow. With it holding was founded Lebedinskiy, which is engaged in the production of juice. Over time he has taken a leadership position.

Olga also created the company «Assol», which became involved in supplies and to work closely with the holding company. Over time, the partners sold shares «Lebedinsky» and purchased the company «Progress Capital». Today the products of «nanny» is in great demand not only in territory of the Russian Federation, but also far beyond its borders.

The status of women exceeds $ 400 million.

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