Echoes of the Soviet past that does not withdraw from the lives of many


Times of shortage of goods and lack of information about the nature of things, characteristic of the Soviet era remained far behind. But surprisingly, some of the habits of the people of the Soviet do not want to leave home, even those in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, it was from 10 to 0 years. Let’s look at the phenomenon whose roots lie in the Soviet reality, but still popular.

1. Carpets on the floor

Carpets on the floor in the West are not Dating. / Photo:

Carpets on the floor can still be found even in apartments with renovated, with floor beautiful modern laminate, linoleum or parquet. But in Soviet times, the carpets on the floor were placed most often in order to brighten up the imperfections of the old painted wood plank floor. Scientists long ago proved safe carpets on the floor simply does not exist. Carpets are a breeding place for germs, dust, dirt and small textile mites. Carpets pose a threat to the development of allergies and asthma for people, the endless intrusion of small ear mites in cats.

2. Which is considered a very healthy soup with meat and pasta/potatoes

Remedy fallen from drunk Soviet men. / Photo:

In the world of Haute cuisine and battle of the chefs dishes such as soup, mixed meat, potatoes, vegetables and pasta, simply does not exist. The fashion for such a soup of viral spread in the Soviet Union after the second world war, when men were very few and each was valued at its weight in gold. After the war, former soldiers drank a lot to suppress the PTSD. And the soup helped the men quickly filled, not to fall from the alcohol and be a little bit of ability to reproduce offspring. This soup leads to the development of gastritis and gastric ulcers. Valid options of soups in the world of Haute cuisine: soup (potato, mushroom, vegetable), broth from meat only, seafood soup, vegetable soup. Advertising

3. Pink is for girls and blue clothes for boys

Other colors will turn all children gay and lesbian! (C) Grandmother. / Photo:

In post-Soviet countries assumed that young girls have to dress in pink and carry pink in the stroller, and the boys, respectively, have all blue or blue. In the West such things have not pay attention. Why not dress their children in completely neutral colors, namely… any other. Let the children wear white, black, green, yellow — whatever! After all, we forget that children start to believe that have to wear certain colors, and the identity of any person is formed only up to five years. The imposition of clothing leads to child injuries, which usually backfire in the form of serious psychological complexes upon reaching adolescence and later in adult life.

4. Tablecloths and oilcloth on the tables

A relic of the past. / Photo:

The table linens had two ways of development: the etiquette of the aristocracy of past centuries… as in paragraph 1 of this material, masking imperfections of the old table that served a hundred years. Let’s look at the truth. How many chances have uncovered the table, that food debris and red wines caught on it, you can just wash it off? 99 percent. And how many chances tablecloth? 40 percent, and only if it is immediately removed from the table and throw in the wash with a modern tool. Include your some of your favorite contemporary films produced in Europe or Hollywood and scan them for the presence of tablecloths. Oops, you just won’t see them!

Even the Queen of England refused tablecloths! / Photo:

Important detail. This cheap version of tablecloths, born in the USSR, as oilcloth for tables, it is highly toxic: it stinks being new, and being used weeks and months, absorb odors, cooking dishes faster than a sponge. It is worth considering.

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