The story about how the Pentagon plane lost nuclear bomb


May 22, 1957, the commander of bombardirovschika B-36 was heard over the intercom «Bombs away!». The incident remained classified for the next 30 years, because on that day the plane was carrying only one bomb: the MK-17, the largest hydrogen bomb the Pentagon.

Plan B-36 no bombs to drop was not going, the more shells three times larger than those that were in Hiroshima. The plane bore the charge in a secret air force base in the USA, located on the outskirts of new Mexico.

The weight of the MK-17 was 21 tons. This is one of the most powerful hydrogen bombs in the entire history of the existence of nuclear bombs gugisberg happened ridiculous error. Lieutenant Bob Karp pressed on the lever in the compartment and instead to fix the shell, initiated the reset procedure.

MK-17 went down. Fortunately, the detonator during transport is not installed and there was a detonation of conventional explosives in the bomb. On earth there was a crater 8 meters in diameter.
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The place was immediately cordoned off by the military. Territory, and the incident was classified until the late 80-ies. And only then began to understand the degree of tension of the Pentagon: it was found that MK-17 fell just 500 meters from the hidden store of nuclear weapons.

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