8 hidden features the use of unnecessary Shoe boxes


To shop is always nice. A new pair of shoes can please, give confidence and help to create a stylish image. But to improve their mood easily in another way: to use a Shoe box. It can help to organize your belongings, to improve the interior for a few hours to take a child’s fun game and even arrange the home theater. A little imagination, free time and useful life hacking from Novate.ru and in the end you will get something really worthwhile.

1.Compact suitcase

A stylish solution for storage. /Photo: i.pinimg.com

One of the easiest ways to benefit from an empty Shoe box to make her small suitcase with her hands. It could be beautiful wrapping paper, with the help of decoupage technique or plastered with a matching Wallpaper which has remained from repair. Original will look suitcase, covered with old maps of the Atlas. Make the decor more stylish to help straps and a clasp. This case is convenient to store different things, needlework or paper. And such a stylish accessory is perfect for the home photo shoot.

2. Toy town

Excellent construction for a child’s room. /Photo: madreshoy.com

If boxes house a lot, you should think about building an entire city. Children from such a venture will be delighted. You can just put the boxes one on another in a multi-storey or single-storey houses with yards and garages by drawing them on the drawing with a marker. Also option would be to approach the problem more thoroughly and glue the boxes using colored paper and making the interior in which will live toys.

3. Stylish shelves

A little color and the interior will be decorated in the style of pop art. /Photo: storage.spatiulconstruit.ro

Unnecessary boxes from shoes can pass for a useful shelf. You only need it mounted on the wall or in a niche and draw up a beautiful paper or colored cardboard. Can be used for internal gluing Wallpaper, wrapping paper, Newspapers and journals and even fabric — it will look unusual and original.

4. Organizer for cords

Useful thing for every home. /Photo: nadoremont.com

Often in the house so many cords that they are constantly underfoot, getting in the way and otherwise cause discomfort. To simply and quickly solve the problem with them, you should think about creating organizer for cords. In a Shoe box, make a few incisions, which pass through the wire, a little make out for beauty and ready: all the wires on the outside of smartphones, tablets, e-books. Access to all simple and convenient.

5. Puppet theatre

Excellent entertainment for the little ones. /Photo: i.pinimg.com Advertising

Using a simple Shoe box, you can create a whole new world, albeit in miniature. Of paper, coloring books, or magazine clippings easy to do scenery for the puppet show, and the moving figures on the sticks or fishing line will help to revive the fairy tale for little kids. The plot can be organize and periodically update, not to be bored.

6. Organizer for stationery

This invention is useful at work and at home. /Photo: imagens-revista.vivadecora.com.br

A large organizer for pens, pencils and markers can be good as a child and an adult. It is relevant for those who have a lot of draws, engaged in needlework, or has a lot of the office. To do organizer is quite simple: you only need to fill a Shoe box sleeves from paper towels or toilet paper. Now everything will be in one place — very convenient.

Very convenient. /Photo: pol-master.com

7. Projector

A homemade projector is a joke useful. /Photo: i.pinimg.com

Buying a powerful magnifying lens and using an empty Shoe box you can do with your hands n
alohol projector. You just need to cut in the side wall of the hole under the lens, secure it with tape or wire, and inside the box to place the smartphone. From the excess cardboard, you can make him a stand so he didn’t fall. Then close the box cover and enjoy the included film. We have to watch it on a white wall with no patterns or hanging a sheet, as it did before.

Hint: these home theater will create a special romantic atmosphere, so this idea could easily be used for 14 Feb.

8. Jewelry box

Useful and functional invention to store jewelry. /Photo: postroika.biz

If pasted cardboard box wrapping paper, Wallpaper or fabric and create multiple branches, it can be used for storage of different jewelry, jewelry and accessories. It is very comfortable and looks pretty nice, so that can be a real gem for the interior. As decoration for boxes of decorations you can use satin ribbons, the method of decoupage, dried flowers, newsprint, colored pins, beads, stones and many other things that will prompt the imagination.

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