7 signs that you need to stop drinking milk


From brittle bones to fatigue, dairy products can be the main cause of certain health problems. And you may have even thought to blame the milk. So, the next time you prepare your shopping list, you might want to consider it.We have listed symptoms that you need to consider when considering your relationship with dairy products.

1. You feel tired most of the time.

Milk contains molecules of opiates, which make you sleep. But from a scientific point of view, this does not mean that it will make you sleep well. Because its hard to digest, it tires your body trying to produce energy in order to destroy it, that disrupts your sleep cycle. To sleep better, you can try to eat tryptophan-rich fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, bananas or apples.

2. Your digestion suffers.

The study shows that 65-70% of the world population suffers from lactose intolerance. Even if breast milk is relatively more lactose, cow’s milk is harder for us to digest. Complaints, such as bloating, nausea, gas and diarrhea on a regular basis can tell you to stop drinking milk.

3. You have pains that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Milk causes inflammation that harms the joints and muscles . If you exercise and you find it hard to recover from sore muscles, try to reduce the consumption of milk.

4. You have an Allergy and other skin diseases.

Because of the similar early symptoms, such as constipation, diarrhea and colic, a milk Allergy can be confused with lactose intolerance. While 5% of children are allergic to milk, it can also develop later in adulthood. Eczema can also flare up due to dairy products. Try to remove dairy products from your diet and see can improve your condition.

5. You have high cholesterol.

Blood cholesterol comes directly from your diet. According to the Ministry of agriculture, 100 g normal cow’s milk contains 10 g of cholesterol, which is the daily consumption in large quantities.

6. You have high cholesterol.

Calcium is the basis for bone development and bone health, especially in childhood. However, all dairy products or animal proteins in General are acidic, which reduces the consumption of calcium. The study shows that women who drink 3 or more glasses of milk a day have a higher risk of fractures.

7. Your body resistant to medicine and you long to recover.

Although we cannot blame the milk itself, the antibiotics given to cows, can indirectly affect your health, studies show. On the one hand, medicine is vital to the health of animals, but on the other hand, it causes the development of bacteria resistant to antimicrobial drugs.

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