40 years later: beauty from the movie «Blue lagoon» has changed dramatically (9 photos)


It’s hard to believe, but the movie «Blue lagoon» was released already 40 years ago.
Insanely romantic story about two young people on a tropical, desert island, attracted great interest of the audience.

This film can be reviewed several times, because it is full of colors, beauty and love.
The main character was played by the stunning Brooke shields. At the time she was 14 years old.

Her perfect features, gorgeous figure, beautiful eyes, all testified to the fact that the film will be successful.

After the release of this movie, Brooke shields was officially recognized as the most beautiful young actress.

It’s been 40 years and the main character has also changed.

Now, it’s Mature, mega popular actress, behind which shoulders of 40 years of professional experience.
The model had two children, but were able to keep the shape perfect

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